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Plan Text. The other rules defined in the Pension Plan presently in force remain unchanged, This agreement document is only a summary of the new provisions that will included in the Pension Plan for hourly Paid Employees at the Packaging Division-Rexdale, Ontario. For interpretation purposes, only the rules of the Pension Plan shall apply. APPENDIX LINES OF PROGRESSION T a MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT ELECTRICIAN ELECTRONIC Certified CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN * , I CERTIFIED MECHANIC “A” MECHANIC MECHANIC CLASS MECHANIC CLASS MAINTENANCE OILER HELPER * Additional Personnel reporting to Maintenance Department: Janitor, Stores Clerk, Maintenance Utility (Unskilled) *Job Posting Allowance (Maintenance Department Only): he Company will replace any approved tools broken in the course of n employee performing their job providing there is no evidence of neglect present. In the case where tools have to be replaced by reason of the adoption of the metric system such tools will be replaced APPENDIX LINES OF PROGRESSION Slitter Operator Slitter take-off * FINISHING DEPARTMENT Post Operator Post Take-off * Take-off * r-- Semi-auto Stitcher Operator Take-off* Band Saw (Plant) * Bundler Utility Plant * Trucker Plant * General Helper Plant * person * Job posting APPENDIX LINES OF PROGRESSION Modular Slitter Scorer Operator Double Backer Operator I Stacker Operator * CLAMP TRUCK operator * Baler room operator * * Job posting APPENDIX LINES OF PROGRESSION PRESS DEPARTMENT Auto* Trucker Plant* * Job posting SHIPPING DEPARTMENT DIE ROOM DEPARTMENT Die Maker * Die Mounter * OF INTENT between KRUGER INC.- PACKAGING and COMMUNICATION ENERGY AND PAPERWORKERS UNION Local The Company will make available an opportunity for employees in the Maintenance Department to upgrade themselves that they may qualify for the Certified Millwright classification as such vacancies arise. APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM FOR MILLWRIGHT AND/OR MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN
Plan Text a) Any remaining sick leave entitlements you have from your employer;
Plan Text. The Company shall within thirty (30) days of the date of ratification provide the Union with accurate copies of the actual insurance plan text for all benefits provided to members of the bargaining unit. Should any of the above plans change through the term of this Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Company shall within thirty (30) days of such changes being implemented, provide the Union with accurate up to date copies of such insurance plans.
Plan Text. This entitlement is not taxable.  Entitlement for 80 percent of net salary is calculated as follows: [Gross salary minus {Federal and Provincial Taxes, E.I. and C.P.P. statutory deductions for the Member’s salary level, and number of dependants}] x .80 percent. Note #1: C.P.P. and E.I. based on the Member’s gross salary level. Note #2: Income Tax based on the number of dependants and shall include same sex spouse. Note #3: All claimants whose entitlements are calculated as per Article 8 (80 percent of net salary) shall be required to complete a TD-1 form annually.
Plan Text.  The monthly entitlement will not be reduced by any additional disability insurance privately purchased.  Entitlements shall not be payable during a period of total disability while:

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  • Deferral Plan The deferral portion of the plan shall involve an employee spreading four (4) years' salary over a five (5) year period, or such other schedule as may be mutually agreed between the employee and the Hospital. In the case of the four (4) years' salary over a five (5) year schedule, during the four (4) years of salary deferral, 20% of the employee's gross annual earnings will be deducted and held for the employee. Such deferred salary will not be accessible to the employee until the year of the leave or upon the collapse of the plan. In the case of another mutually agreed upon deferral schedule, the percentage of salary deferred shall be adjusted appropriately.

  • Profit Sharing Plan Under the Northrim BanCorp, Inc. Profit Sharing Plan (the “Plan”), Executive shall be eligible to receive an annual profit share based on performance as defined by the Board of Directors. Executive will be classified in the Executive tier under the Plan’s Responsibility Factors. If Employer is required to prepare an accounting restatement due to “material noncompliance of the Employer,” the Employer will recover from the Executive any incentive compensation during the three (3) years prior to the date of the restatement, in excess of what would have been paid under the restatement. Executive’s signature on this Agreement authorizes Employer to offset or deduct from any compensation Employer may owe Executive, any excess payments (in whole or in part) that Executive may owe Employer due to such restatement(s).

  • Plan B The Trustees are directed to modify Plan B in a similar manner and with similar effect as in Plan A. In addition, the existing provisions governing the operation of Plan B shall continue as follows:

  • Meal Plan 18. Residents are required to purchase a meal plan for both semesters. Refer to xxx.xxxxxxxx.xx/xxxx for details on meal plan rates. Residents may contract for a meal plan of a higher value than stipulated in the fee schedule.

  • Implementation Plan The Authority shall cause to be prepared an Implementation Plan meeting the requirements of Public Utilities Code Section 366.2 and any applicable Public Utilities Commission regulations as soon after the Effective Date as reasonably practicable. The Implementation Plan shall not be filed with the Public Utilities Commission until it is approved by the Board in the manner provided by Section 4.9.

  • Staffing Plan To ensure compliance with this Section, the Manager shall submit a staffing plan to document the composition of the proposed workforce to be utilized in the performance of the Agreement, or where required, information on the Manager’s total work force, including apprentices, broken down by the specified categories listed, including ethnic background, gender, and Federal occupational categories. Prior to the execution of the Agreement and within ten (10) calendar days after a receipt of a request thereof, Manager shall submit the staffing plan to the Fund. The form of the staffing plan shall be supplied by the Fund.

  • Compensation Plan The Board of Directors of NPC has duly adopted a Compensation Plan as defined in Rule 405 of the Commission pursuant to which NPC may issue "freely tradeable" shares of its common stock as payment for services rendered, subject to the filing and effectiveness of an S-8 Registration Statement to be filed with the Commission by NPC .

  • Leave Plan Effective May the Hospital agreed to a program, funded solely by the employee, subject to the following terms and conditions: The Plan is available to employees of the bargaining unit wishing to spread four (4) year's salary over a five (5) year period, in accordance with Part of the Income Tax Regulations, Section to enable them to take a one (1) year leave of absence following the four (4) years of salary deferral. The employee must make written application to the appropriate Department Head at least six (6) months prior to the intended commencement date of the program (i.e. the salary deferral portion), stating the intended purpose of the leave. The number of employees in the bargaining unit that may be absent at any one time will be limited to one (1) per department, The year for purposes of the program shall be September of one year August the following year or such other twelve month period as may be agreed upon by the employee, the Union and the Hospital, Written applications will be reviewed by the appropriate Divisional Vice President, or his designate. Leaves requested for the purpose of pursuing further formal technician education will be given priority. Applications for leaves requested for other purposes be given the next level of priority on the basis of seniority. During the four (4) years of salary deferral, of the employee's gross annual earnings will be deducted and held for the employee and will not be accessible to her until the year of the leave or upon withdrawal from the Plan. The manner in which the deferred salary is held shall be at the discretion of the Hospital. All deferred salary, plus accrued interest, if any, shalt be paid to the employee at the commencement of the or in accordance with such other payment schedule as may be agreed upon the Hospital and the employee. All benefits shall be kept whole during the four (4) years of salary deferral. During the year of the leave, seniority will accumulate. Service for the purpose of vacation and salary progression and other benefits will be retained but will not accumulate during the period of leave. The employee shall become responsible for the full payment of premiums for any health and welfare benefits in which she is participating. Contributions to the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan will be in accordance with the Plan, The employees not be eligible to participate in the disability income plan during the year of the leave. An employee may withdraw from the Plan at any time during the deferral portion provided three (3) months notice is given the Department Head. Deferred salary, accrued interest, if any, will be returned to the employee, within a reasonable period of time. If the employee terminates employment, the deferred salary held by the Hospital plus accrued interest, if any, will be returned to the employee within a reasonable period of time. In case of the employee’s death, the funds be paid to the employee’s estate. The Hospital will endeavour to find a replacement for the employee as far in advance as practicable. If the Hospital is unable to find a suitable replacement, it may postpone the leave. The Hospital will give the employee as much notice as is reasonably possible. The employee will have the option of remaining in the Plan and rearranging the leave at a mutually agreeable time or of withdrawing from the Plan and having the deferred salary, plus accrued interest, if any, paid out to her within a reasonable period of time. The employee will be reinstated to her former position unless the position has been discontinued, in which case she shall be given a comparable job. Final approval for entry into the leave program be subject to the employee entering into a formal agreement with the Hospital in order to authorize the Hospital to make the appropriate deductions from the employee’s pay. Such agreement will include: a statement that the employee is entering the leave program in accordance with Article of the Collective Agreement: the period of salary xxxxxxxx and the leave period for which the leave is requested; the manner in which the deferred salary is to be held. The letter of application from the employee to the appropriate Department Head to enter the prepaid leave program will be appended to and form part of the written agreement.

  • Dividend Reinvestment Plan Any and all expenses incident to any dividend reinvestment plan.

  • CAPITAL PLAN (1) Within sixty (60) days, the Board shall develop, implement, and thereafter ensure Bank adherence to a three year capital program. The program shall include: