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  • Each financial institution shall keep a notation of each disclosure made pursuant to paragraph (1)(B) of this subsection, including the date of such disclosure and the Government authority to which it was made.

  • CHAPTER FOURTransfer, Secondment & Loan Article (36) TransferAn employee may be transferred to any Federal Government authority and corporations or to any government entities or authorities in one of the UAE emirates, provided such transfer does not affect the employee’s grade and total salary, except for allowances and bonuses related to the job, and as per HR procedures in the Federal Government and electronic systems thereof, and under the following conditions:1.

  • These functions are defined as those that require either "the exercise of discretion in applying Government authority or the use of value judgment in making decisions for the Government." OMB suggest that inherently Governmental functions normally fall into two categories:1.

  • Within five days of obtaining access to financial records under this subsection, the Government authority shall file with the appropriate court a signed, sworn statement of a supervisory official of a rank designated by the head of the Government authority setting forth the grounds for the emergency access.

  • Leases are controlled by an imposed Government authority and long leases, of between 40 and 99 years, are being forced on to communities in addition to the compulsory 5 year leases.

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Government Authority or “Government Authorities” means any local or national government or authority of any country, competent to levy any Tax;
Government Authority means any relevant administrative, judicial, executive, legislative or other governmental or intergovernmental entity, department, agency, commission, board, bureau or court, and any other regulatory or self-regulatory organizations, in any country or jurisdiction.
Government Authority means any federal, state, national, state, provincial or local government, or political subdivision thereof, or any multinational organization or any authority, agency or commission entitled to exercise any administrative, executive, judicial, legislative, police, regulatory or taxing authority or power, any court or tribunal (or any department, bureau or division thereof, or any governmental arbitrator or arbitral body).
Government Authority means any: (a) nation, principality, state, commonwealth, province, territory, county, municipality, district or other jurisdiction of any nature; (b) federal, state, local, municipal, foreign or other government; (c) governmental or quasi governmental authority of any nature (including any governmental division, subdivision, department, agency, bureau, branch, office, commission, council, board, instrumentality, officer, official, representative, organization, unit, body or Person and any court or other tribunal); or (d) individual, Person or body exercising, or entitled to exercise, any executive, legislative, judicial, administrative, regulatory, police, military or taxing authority or power of any nature.