Another bank definition

Another bank means any other bank except for UniCredit Bank operating in the Czech Rep., i.e. also any other member bank of UniCredit Group operating in other countries.

Examples of Another bank in a sentence

  • Businesses which are seeking support to assist with business continuity and preparedness connected to the COVID-19 outbreak, may apply for a COVID-19 Business Loan subject to certain conditions and criteria.

  • A School Resource Officer is also a Baltimore City School police officer as defined under § 4–318 of the Public Safety.

  • Another bank representative will be appointed temporarily for review of that loan application.

  • Another bank and other service providers were already checking out this Curacao company.

  • Note: "Another bank" means any other bank except for UniCredit Bank operating in the Czech Rep., i.e. also any other member bank of UniCredit Group operating in other countries.

  • Another bank, Philippine Trust Company, was 99.9% Filipino owned.

  • Another bank provided a detailed description of its decision model, the inputs (financial and non-financial) that went into the model, and a copy of the output.

  • Their influence on total unit cost depends on the importance of capital costs as a proportion of total costs for the particular service area being studied.• In the areas of corrective services, police services and public hospitals the results reported in this paper indicate that different methods of asset measurement could lead to quite large variations in reported capital costs.

  • Another bank account in kwanza will be opened to receive government counterpart funds.

  • Another bank commented that its general ledger system has only one aggregated deposit fee line item for all fee and depository types.

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  • The Bank means the State Bank of India (including domestic branches and foreign offices), Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures, where the Bank has ownership of more than 50% of voting securities or the power to direct the management and policies of such Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures:< Strike of whichever is inapplicable.>

  • Payor bank means a bank that is the drawee of a draft.

  • Member bank means a national bank, state bank, or trust company which is a member of the United States federal reserve system.

  • Eye bank means a person that is licensed, accredited, or regulated under federal or state law to engage in the recovery, screening, testing, processing, storage, or distribution of human eyes or portions of human eyes.

  • Employer / Bank means State Bank of India having its Head Office at Ground Floor, Raheja Chambers, Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai and State Bank of India, Corporate Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai, respectively.

  • Savings bank means a state banking corporation organized or reorganized under this act.

  • Public accommodation means every place, establishment, or facility of whatever kind, nature, or class that caters or offers services, facilities, or goods to the general public for a fee, charge, or gratuity. "Public accommodation" does not include a bona fide private club or other place, establishment, or facility which is by its nature distinctly private; provided, however, the distinctly private place, establishment, or facility is a "public accommodation" during the period it caters or offers services, facilities, or goods to the general public for a fee, charge, or gratuity.

  • Guaranty association means the Iowa insurance guaranty association created in chapter 515B, the Iowa life and health insurance guaranty association created in chapter 508C, and any other similar entity either presently existing or to be created by the general assembly for the payment of claims of insolvent insurers. “Foreign guaranty association” means a similar entity presently existing in or to be created in the future by the legislature of any other state.

  • the Association means the Association referred to in rule 1;

  • Corporations means the corporations identified on Schedule 1 hereto.

  • of a corporation means all classes of Capital Stock of such corporation then outstanding and normally entitled to vote in the election of directors.

  • Place of public accommodation means any building or structure in which goods are supplied or services performed, or in which the trade of the general public is solicited.

  • Community association means an association in which membership is a condition of ownership or shareholder interest of a unit in a condominium, cooperative, townhouse, villa, or other residential unit that is part of a residential development plan as a master association or common interest community and that is authorized to impose an assessment and other costs that may become a lien on the unit or lot.

  • State bank means any bank incorporated pursuant to the provisions of this chapter after January 1, 1970, and any “state bank” incorporated pursuant to the laws of this state and doing business as such on January 1, 1970, or a bank organized as a limited liability company or a mutual corporation under this chapter.

  • Nonprofit corporation means a nonprofit corporation, duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation and (if a foreign corporation) in good standing under the laws of the State of California, which corporation has established and maintains valid nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and all rules and regulations promulgated under such Section.

  • Optician means any person licensed in the province in which the service is rendered to supply eyeglasses prescribed by a physician or optometrist to improve visual acuity, to grind or mould the lenses or have them ground or moulded according to prescription, to fit them into frames and to adjust the frames to fit the face;

  • Company Bank has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Arrow means Arrow Financial Corporation.

  • Trade association means an entity recognized by the State in which the entity is doing business as a trade association and shall not include an organization that is formed for the purposes of providing insurance. “Transaction cutoff date” for weekly data reporting is 8 p.m. Central time on Friday of each week and for monthly data reporting is 8 p.m. Central time on Friday after the first Sunday of the month.

  • Executive agency means all State departments, offices or institutions but, for the purposes of this Contract, excludes the State University of New York and City University of New York. Furthermore, such term shall not include the legislature, the judiciary, public benefit corporation, public authority, or local government entity.

  • Office of the Corporation means the executive office of the Corporation, anything in Section 131 of the General Corporation Law to the contrary notwithstanding.

  • MHC means the mutual holding company resulting from the MHC Reorganization, which mutual holding company shall be named "Oswego County MHC" or such other name as may be selected by the Board of Trustees of the MHC.

  • Bona fide association means, with respect to health insurance coverage offered in this

  • the Corporation means any further education corporation to which this Instrument applies;

  • Athlete means a person who wishes to be considered for nomination to the Games Team.

  • Member Association means any national football association affiliated to FIFA, irrespective of whether its representative team is participating in the Competition.