Coordinated Sample Clauses

Coordinated. The comprehensive/master plan will coordinate the various elements, such as transportation, land use, community facilities, that must come together in order to provide for the desired quality of life.
Coordinated. Services shall be coordinated within and between all provider agencies, purchasers, service users and carers.
Coordinated. Family-centered

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Coordination The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall confer regularly to coordinate the planning, scheduling and performance of preventive and corrective maintenance on the Large Generating Facility and the Attachment Facilities. The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall keep NYISO fully informed of the preventive and corrective maintenance that is planned, and shall schedule all such maintenance in accordance with NYISO procedures.
Project Team To accomplish Owner’s objectives, Owner intends to employ a team concept in connection with the construction of the Project. The basic roles and general responsibilities of team members are set forth in general terms below but are more fully set forth in the Design Professional Contract with respect to the Design Professional, in the Program Management Agreement with any Program Manager, and in this Contract with respect to the Contractor.
Coordinators As of the Closing, each Party shall appoint and provide written notice to the other Party pursuant to Section 14.2, of the name, title and contact information for an individual who shall be a current officer or employee of such Party or an Affiliate thereof and shall serve as such Party’s primary contact with respect to issues that may arise out of the scope or performance of this Agreement (each, a “Coordinator”). The Parties may replace their respective Coordinator by giving notice pursuant to Section 14.2 to the other Party stating the name, title and contact information for the new Coordinator. Subject to Section 7.8, each Coordinator will have primary responsibility on behalf of its respective Party, to communicate and coordinate with the other Coordinator with respect to this Agreement. The Coordinators shall meet, either in person or telephonically, from time to time as necessary or appropriate to discuss open issues related to this Agreement and performance hereunder. In the event there is an open issue that is time critical (in the reasonable judgment of the requesting Coordinator) or a dispute arises between the Parties under this Agreement, the Coordinators shall meet as soon as reasonably practicable and shall use reasonable efforts and work together in good faith to resolve any disagreements or disputes between the Parties as expeditiously as possible.
Project Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality and consistency of deliverables and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.
Screening The review of applicants to determine qualified candidates for a position.
Program Management Vendor's program management group shall ------------------ responsible for the management of the Services as a whole. The program management team shall be led by a program executive who has direct and immediate access to the senior management of Vendor and a program manager who reports to such program executive. The program management team shall be (i) the primary point of contact between Vendor and Customer and shall coordinate the activity of all functional groups within Vendor and (ii) responsible for project and financial management of the Services.
Joint Project Team As soon as possible after the Effective Date, the Parties shall establish a joint project team (the “JPT”) which shall be initially responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Initial Target Program. The JPT shall also be responsible for the day-to-day operations of all other Collaboration Programs when they become ***Portions of this page have been omitted pursuant to a request for Confidential Treatment and filed separately with the Commission. effective; provided, that if multiple JPTs are needed due to different Targets or disease areas, then the Parties may establish separate JPTs for different Collaboration Programs. The JPT shall be comprised of representatives from each of GSK and Adaptimmune with the appropriate scientific expertise with respect to the conduct of the Development Plans (and such representatives may vary depending on the relevant Project Phase) and shall meet on a monthly basis (or more or less frequently as agreed by the Parties) at Adaptimmune’s facilities, GSK’s facilities or via teleconference at such times as may be agreed by the Parties during the term of the applicable Collaboration Program. The JPT will report to the JSC and will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the conduct of the Development Plans including any non-material changes to the Development Plans, overseeing the conduct of experiments and reviewing data resulting from such experiments as set forth in the Development Plans, proposing amendments to the Development Plans, proposing new Development Plans to the JSC for new Collaboration Programs for JSC approval, discussing potential Lead Candidates and Development Candidates for proposal to the JSC. All decisions of the JPT on matters for which it has responsibility shall be made unanimously. In the event that the JPT is unable to reach a unanimous decision within ten (10) Business Days after it has met and attempted to reach such decision, then either Party may, by written notice to the other, have such issue submitted to the JSC for resolution in accordance with Section 4.5. Each Party will bear all expenses it incurs in regard to participating in all meetings of the JPT, including all travel and living expenses. Each JPT shall automatically cease to exist on completion of the relevant Collaboration Programs that it supports and exercise or expiry of all Collaboration Program Options applicable to such Collaboration Programs.
Collaboration Management Promptly after the Effective Date, each Party will appoint a person who will oversee day-to-day contact between the Parties for all matters related to the management of the Collaboration Activities in between meetings of the JSC and will have such other responsibilities as the Parties may agree in writing after the Effective Date. One person will be designated by Merck (the “Merck Program Director”) and one person will be designated by Moderna (the “Moderna Program Director,”) together will be the “Program Directors”. Each Party may replace its Program Director at any time by notice in writing to the other Party. Any Program Director may designate a substitute to temporarily perform the functions of that Program Director by written notice to the other Party. The initial Program Directors will be: For Moderna: [***] For Merck: [***]
Scheduling i) The designated employer will provide the employee with their schedule of shifts in accordance with the collective agreement for both homes. [Insert the split/sharing of shift numbers here] Similarly, the employee will submit all requests for time off including vacation to the designated employer in accordance with the collective agreement.
Project Management  Program research, planning, and evaluations.  Provision of studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to a Customer’s mission-oriented business programs or initiatives.  Executive/management coaching services.  Customized training as needed to achieve a management consulting objective.  Assistance with policy and regulation development.  Assistance with process and productivity improvement.  Expert witness services in support of litigation, claims, or other formal cases relating to management consulting.  Advisory and assistance services relating to a Customer’s mission-oriented business programs or initiatives.  Systems alignment and consolidation.  Comprehensive grants management services related to the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and other related State and Federal grant programs.