Coordination definition

Coordination means the process through which the infrastructure manager and applicants will attempt to resolve situations in which there are conflicting applications for infrastructure capacity;
Coordination means to take a leadership role and responsibility for outcomes in bringing people, organizations, or resources together to conduct planning, decision-making or program execution; to bring into a common action, movement, or condition.

Examples of Coordination in a sentence

  • Coordination: Coordinate preparation and processing of submittals with performance of construction activities.

  • Coordination: Coordinate construction operations included in different Sections of the Specifications to ensure efficient and orderly installation of each part of the Work.

  • As prescribed in 1604.7001, the following clause shall be inserted in all FEHBP contracts: Coordination of Benefits (JAN 1991)(a) The Carrier shall coordinate the payment of benefits under this contract with the payment of benefits under Medicare, other group health benefits coverages, and the payment of medical and hospital costs under no-fault or other automobile insurance that pays benefits without regard to fault.

  • Drawing Coordination: Requirements for materials and products identified on Drawings are described in detail in the Specifications.

  • Coordination: Coordinate sequence of activities to accommodate required quality-assurance and -control services with a minimum of delay and to avoid necessity of removing and replacing construction to accommodate testing and inspecting.

More Definitions of Coordination

Coordination means that the documents shall be consistent and in conformance each part with all other parts.
Coordination means consultation and cooperation among jurisdictions.
Coordination means having and exercising primary state or local executive branch
Coordination means that each party:
Coordination means collaboration between comprehensive case management and employment program (CCMEP) lead agencies, the local board, subcontractors, county departments of job and family services, and the OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) centers in order to increase youth access and connections to CCMEP services. Access and connections includes any of the following:
Coordination means activity on the child's behalf in order to integrate the activities of county staff and third persons or organizations in solving a specific problem.