Coordination definition

Coordination means the process through which the infrastructure manager and applicants will attempt to resolve situations in which there are conflicting applications for infrastructure capacity;
Coordination means that the documents shall be consistent and in conformance each part with all other parts.
Coordination means consultation and cooperation among jurisdictions.

Examples of Coordination in a sentence

  • This is called Coordination of Benefits.Once each year, we will send you a letter that lists any other medical or drug insurance coverage that we know about.

  • Coordination: Coordinate preparation and processing of submittals with performance of construction activities.

  • International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry Progressive Trends in Coordination, Bioinorganic, and Applied Inorganic Chemistry.

  • Coordination and Engagement–Inclusive Structure and Participation HUD publishes resources on the website at CoC Program Competition to assist you in completing the CoC Application.

  • Coordination: Coordinate preparation of the schedule of values with preparation of Contractor's construction schedule.

More Definitions of Coordination

Coordination means to take a leadership role and responsibility for outcomes in bringing people, organizations, or resources together to conduct planning, decision-making or program execution; to bring into a common action, movement, or condition.
Coordination means activities that involve the active participation of the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) staff to include liaison with non-Older Americans Act (OAA) funded agencies and organizations for the purpose of avoiding duplication, improving services, resolving problems related to service delivery, and addressing the service needs of the eligible service population.
Coordination means that each party:
Coordination means having and exercising primary state or local executive branch oversight for the purpose of organizing, planning, and implementing;
Coordination means collaboration between comprehensive case management and employment program (CCMEP) lead agencies, the local board, subcontractors, county departments of job and family services, and the OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) centers in order to increase youth access and connections to CCMEP services. Access and connections includes any of the following:
Coordination means having and exercising primary state or local executive branch
Coordination means activity on the child's behalf in order to integrate the activities of county staff and third persons or organizations in solving a specific problem.