Definition of Existing Resources

Existing Resources (05/27/08 Version) means those Specified Resources listed in section 2 of Exhibit A that were dedicated to <<Customer Name>>'s

Existing Resources means Resources whose costs were committed to prior to Direct

Examples of Existing Resources in a sentence

T1Pctg = T1MWh + ExistResMWh TRL - NLSL Where: T1Pctg is BPA's forecast percentage of <>'s load that is expected to be served by purchases of power at Tier 1 Rates from BPA and from <>'s Existing Resources for CHWM, and will be computed for each Fiscal Year of the applicable Rate Period.
Existing Resources The LGA has prepared a design guideline 'The Public Realm Urban Design Guidelines'.
Page 5 of 23 ExistResMWh is the specified output of <>'s Existing Resources for CHWM, as specified in Attachment C, Column D, of the TRM.
The CEC issued an interim report, "California RPS Integration Costs Analysis-Phase I: One Year Analysis of Existing Resources," in December 2003.
Greg Smith, House Co-Vice Chair April 17, 2017 Ways and Means Co-Chairs' 2017-19 Target Reduction Lists In the weeks since the 2017-19 Co-Chairs' Existing Resources Budget Framework was released, the Co-Chairs of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means and the committee's Subcommittees have been working to identify budget actions necessary to achieve the reduction targets included in that framework.