Program Management definition

Program Management means the program management services Contractor shall furnish Owner in accordance with Exhibit B (SOW).

Examples of Program Management in a sentence

  • Examples: Service areas that are included under the Program Management Services discipline include, but are not limited to the following: 1.

  • This type of log-in method is only allowed for those individuals who are not authorized to obtain a CAC or an external digital certificate, and requires SPOT Program Management Office approval.

  • The basic roles and general responsibilities of team members are set forth in general terms below but are more fully set forth in the Design Professional Contract with respect to the Design Professional, in the Program Management Agreement with any Program Manager, and in this Contract with respect to the Contractor.

  • All costs associated with Contractor Key Personnel duties shall be handled in accordance with the Contractor’s standard accounting practices; however, no costs for Contractor Key Personnel shall be billed to the HCaTS Program Management Office (HCaTS PMO).

  • This documentation format shall be in accordance with and submitted as directed in Exhibit B, CDRL B002 semi-annually to the Contracting Officer during Program Management Reviews so that the Government can determine the extent of compliance by the offeror.

More Definitions of Program Management

Program Management. The program management group is responsible for the management of the project as a whole. The program management team is led by a program executive who has direct and immediate access to the senior management of AVANTEL Communications and a program manager who reports to the program executive. The program management team is the primary point of contact between AVANTEL and AOL and coordinates the activity of all functional groups within AVANTEL and is responsible for project and financial management of the program.
Program Management means the following administrative oversight functions within residential services and supported living as described in section 5126.14 of the Revised Code:
Program Management means services provided to Subscriber to help Subscriber use its Upwork account on the Platform, including without limitation, assistance by Upwork to help determine Subscriber’s project needs, suggestion of certain talent and skills needed to complete Subscriber’s project and help in drafting Subscriber’s project posts.
Program Management means the performance by Contractor of the functions listed in the Section titled “Program Management” of Appendix A of this Agreement, for the purpose of ensuring that all Projects are delivered within budget and in accordance with applicable schedules.
Program Management means the dedicated resources that the Parties will provide to manage the overall effort on the Program. (Note Section 2.1)