Consultative Committee Sample Clauses

Consultative Committee. The parties to this agreement recognise that consultation and employee involvement are essential to improved industrial relations and company performance. The workforce shall be fully informed and be given maximum opportunity for input into decision-making. Appropriate consultative mechanisms shall be established within the company and where agreed on major projects. A Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) will be established in companies with over twenty (20) employees. The role of this committee will be, but not limited to the following: The monitoring of the implementation and on going operation of this agreement, and to seek remedies where the objectives of the agreement are not being met; The development and monitoring of key productive improvements, and the measurement of the effectiveness of those initiatives; The monitoring of the implementation of training measures the purpose of which will be to advance the concept of continuous workplace training and skills enhancement; and The maintenance of effective compliance with the dispute settlement procedures of this agreement by all parties. The committee shall consist of equal representation of both the employees and the company, and shall not be less than four members in total. The committee may at its discretion call on other persons or experts to attend the committee and to advise it on specific matters of concern to the committee. Employee representatives will be allowed reasonable time during working hours to prepare and/or report the outcome of meetings. The committee will attempt to meet (at least) bi-monthly during the life of this agreement and will be jointly chaired by a representative of the company and a nominated representative of the employees. The Secretary of the Union or nominee will be welcome to attend meetings of the consultative committee.
Consultative Committee. 2.3.1 A Consultative Committee (five Union (4 NUW and 1 Maintenance, Representatives) and three Management representatives) has been formed, and among other things, it's role is to overview the implementation and ongoing progress of the Enterprise Agreement.
Consultative Committee. Consultative committee may be formed for the ongoing development of this Agreement and continuous exploration of obtaining efficiencies of mutual concerns.
Consultative Committee. A joint Advisory Committee will be formed with three (3) representatives the Union, one of whom may be a retiree and four (4) representatives from Management, one of which will be a designate of Human Resources, who shall be the Chairperson. The Pension Advisory Committee shall be established and have full access to necessary information in accordance with the Pension Benefits Act and shall perform the following functions: Meet at least or as requested by either party; Review any pension plan changes and the plan performance; to assist in this, the Union will receive copies of the Plan text, employee brochure, actuarial evaluations, audit report, investment contract between and the investment fund manager; in addition, will keep the Union informed of the name and address of the Plan Administrator; Keep up-to-date and discuss pension plan performance and review the pension plan as required to ensure full compliance with legislation; Make recommendations to the Employer; To promote awareness and understanding of the pension plan on the part of members; Evaluate the feasibility of: Reducing the discounts (reductions) for early retirement. Improvements to the indexing formula. Be consulted on pension plan changes and retirement programs; the Committee will act as a liaison group between the Union membership and the Pension Plan Administrator. This Committee shall act in an advisory capacity and shall not have authority to amend the existing union pension plan.
Consultative Committee. (a) A Consultative Committee shall be established to help meet the goals of this Enterprise Agreement.
Consultative Committee. 7.1 The Parties are committed to the establishment and maintenance of processes through which changes to the business, performance of work and the implementation of this agreement can be discussed and monitored to ensure the interests of all Parties are properly considered.