Agenda Sample Clauses

Agenda. The co-chairs will meet seven (7) days prior to each meeting to exchange agendas for that meeting. The items in the agendas will be listed in order of priority. The Company will arrange to have both agendas typed and distributed to Committee members prior to the meeting. Items from the agendas will be discussed at the meeting on an alternating basis with the first item being taken from either the Company's or the Union's agenda, depending on which party is chairing the meeting. Items not addressed at a meeting may be re-proposed for the next meeting's agendas. Emergency items arising after the agendas are prepared can be entertained on the agreement of the parties at the outset of the meeting. An item on the agendas may be disposed of by referral to a more appropriate forum or cancelled, by mutual agreement of the parties. The Union Representative who will be responsible for proposing the next list of Union agenda items will be identified at the conclusion of each meeting.
Agenda. All staff members shall have the right to place items for consideration on the staff meeting agenda.
Agenda. A reasonably detailed agenda shall be supplied to each Director reasonably in advance of each meeting of the Board, together with other appropriate documentation with respect to agenda items calling for Board action, to inform adequately the Directors regarding matters to come before the Board. Any Director wishing to place a matter on the agenda for any meeting of the Board may do so by communicating with the Chairman of the Board sufficiently in advance of the meeting of the Board so as to permit timely dissemination to all Directors of information with respect to the agenda items.
Agenda. The party requesting the meeting shall furnish an agenda with the request for the meeting. The Labor Council will furnish names of the Labor Council employees who will be attending. Subjects that may be discussed at these meetings shall include (but not limited to) the items listed below.
Agenda. 5.1 An agenda shall be produced in advance for each meeting by the Host Council following consultation with the Chair.
Agenda. The party requesting the meeting shall furnish an agenda with the request for the meeting. The Labor Council will furnish the names of the employees who will be attending.
Agenda. An agenda shall be prepared prior to the meeting covering the items to be discussed. The agenda will be distributed to each member of the committee at least one (1) week in advance of any meeting. The members chairing the meeting will be responsible for the preparation and distribution of the agenda for the meeting. It is understood that problems and conditions leading to grievances and problems which relate to negotiable subjects may, from time to time, be discussed by the committee, but any such discussions shall not in any way affect the resolution of grievances or collective bargaining negotiations, since specific procedures covering grievances and negotiations are provided elsewhere.
Agenda. (1) The person convening the Holders' Meeting shall make a proposal for resolution in respect of each item on the agenda to be passed upon by the Holders.
Agenda. Local 804 and the Employer having cases docketed to be heard shall receive notice of all Panel meetings. The docket of cases to be heard at such Panel meetings will be prepared by the Administrator at least thirteen (13) days in advance of the date of each meeting and a copy of such docket mailed to all parties at least ten (10) days prior to the Panel meeting. Once the docket has been prepared by the Administrator and mailed out to all interested parties, and sent electronically via e-mail at the same time, additional cases only can be added to the docket for that meeting by mutual agreement of the Employer and Local 804.
Agenda. The first scheduled meeting will be held for the purpose of establishing ground rules for the negotiations process. Specific topics, with explanation, shall be placed on the table at the second scheduled meeting. Additional topics, with explanation, may be placed on the table after the second meeting only by agreement.