LIAISON COMMITTEE. 8.01 A Liaison Committee shall be established which shall meet on an informal basis at the call of any of the parties signatory hereto, to discuss matters of mutual interest pertaining to the Project and/or this Agreement, with the objective of promoting and maintaining beneficial relations and cooperation between the parties, and of ensuring the achievement of the purposes of this Agreement. The Liaison will meet at least twice per year.
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LIAISON COMMITTEE. 8.1 The Law Society shall establish a committee to include, without limitation, representatives from Qualifying Insurers, the Law Society, and the ARP Manager (the Liaison Committee).
LIAISON COMMITTEE. 6.1 The Association members of each School Building shall elect a Liaison Committee for each School which shall meet informally with the Principal at least once a month at a mutually convenient time, not concurrent with Committee Members' pupil contract obligations, for the duration of the school year, to discuss Building concerns and issues. A summary of each meeting, prepared by the Building Representative and the Principal, shall be forwarded to the Superintendent and emailed to Building Staff within five (5) workdays.
LIAISON COMMITTEE. The Parties agree to have a Liaison Committee consisting of six (6) members, three (3) appointees by the B.C.A. of B.C. and three (3) appointees by the Union. The terms of reference for the committee shall be to review conflicting language issues, review interpretations and on site problems and make recommendations for consideration and/or approval to the Joint Conference Board.
LIAISON COMMITTEE. 28.01 A Liaison Committee shall be appointed, consisting of four (4) representatives from the Association and four (4) representatives from the Division. The Committee shall meet at the request of either party for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual concern. The Committee shall not have jurisdiction to interpret and/or amend any of the terms and conditions contained in the Collective Agreement. Meetings of the Committee shall be co- chaired by a representative of the Association and a representative of the Division. A summary of discussions will be recorded, and a copy provided to each member of the Committee, as well as a copy posted on each school bulletin board.
LIAISON COMMITTEE. 6.01 At the request of either party, and for the purpose of resolving difficulties and promoting harmonious relationships, discussions shall take place between an equal number of representatives of the Union and the Board. The number of representatives will normally not exceed four of each party. It is agreed that resource people may be invited as required.
LIAISON COMMITTEE. 1. There shall be a special Board/SSTA Liaison Committee.
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LIAISON COMMITTEE. A MEA/Administration Liaison Committee will be estab- lished for the purpose of providing an opportunity for on-going communication about issues of concern to either party. This Committee will meet as often as is necessary and will take a problem-solving approach to issues being considered. The Committee will be composed of administrators appointed by the Superintendent and teachers appointed by the MEA. Before a building level issue is placed on the agenda for the Liaison Committee, the building level issue will first be raised before the administrator at the building where the issue exists. The Commit- tee may discuss contract issues, but any discussion will not be deemed to be bargaining; and no contract changes may be agreed to by the Liaison Committee.
LIAISON COMMITTEE. 8.01 A Liaison Committee shall be established comprised of three (3) members appointed by the Board and three (3) members appointed by the Union to discuss matters of common concern.
LIAISON COMMITTEE. A.33.1 A liaison committee consisting of three members of the school board and three members of the Saanich Teachers’ Association will be established for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual concern. This committee will meet monthly, and have no authority to establish policy for either the Board or the Teachers’ Association, however, all concerns and/or recommendations will be dealt with as expeditiously as possible by the Board and/or the Association.
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