Audit Provisions Sample Clauses

Audit Provisions. The Commonwealth shall have the right, at reasonable times and at a site designated by the Commonwealth, to audit the books, documents, and records of the Parties to the extent that the books, documents, and records relate to the Parties’ compliance with the provisions set forth in subsection (b) above or to the Small Diverse Business or Small Business Commitment effectuated through this Subcontract. The Parties shall preserve such books, documents, and records for a period of three years from the date of final payment hereunder. The Parties shall give full and free access to all such records to the Commonwealth and/or its authorized representatives.
Audit Provisions. Publisher shall keep full, complete, and accurate books of account and records covering all transactions relating to this Agreement. Publisher shall preserve such books of account, records, documents, and material for a period of twenty-four (24) months after the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement. Acceptance by SCEA of an accounting statement, purchase order, or payment hereunder will not preclude SCEA from challenging or questioning the accuracy thereof at a later time. In the event that SCEA reasonably believes that the Wholesale Price provided by Publisher with respect to any Licensed Product is not accurate, SCEA shall be entitled to request additional documentation from Publisher to support the listed Wholesale Price for such Licensed Product. In addition, during the Term and for a period of two (2) years thereafter and upon the giving of reasonable written notice to Publisher, representatives of SCEA shall have access to, and the right to make copies and summaries of, such portions of all of Publisher's books and records as pertain to the Licensed Products and any payments due or credits received hereunder. In the event that such inspection reveals an under-reporting of any payment due to SCEA, Publisher shall immediately pay SCEA such amount. In the event that any audit conducted by SCEA reveals that Publisher has under-reported any payment due to SCEA hereunder by [*] or more for that audit period, then in addition to the payment of the appropriate amount due to SCEA, Publisher shall reimburse SCEA for all reasonable audit costs for that audit and any and all collection costs to recover the unpaid amount.
Audit Provisions. Lessee agrees to keep complete and accurate books and records of all receipts of fees and charges and all income and expenses of all items of merchandise and professional services covered by this Agreement. The City or its authorized representative shall have the right to periodically audit the books and records of the Lessee to verify that fees have been correctly computed and paid and reports of income and expenditure correctly made. The Lessee agrees to reimburse the City for the reasonable costs of any such audit should it disclose that the Lessee has paid 98% or less of the payments due to the City for any year or if the audit discloses that reports of income and expenditures are substantially inaccurate or misleading according to generally accepted accounting standards, procedures, and principles. If the Lessee disputes the audit findings of the City, the Lessee may request a review of part or all of the audit by a third party mutually agreeable to the City and the Lessee. If such review determines the audit of the City to be substantially in error, the City shall pay the cost of such review, otherwise the Lessee shall pay for the cost of such review. In the event that payments are found to be incorrect or reports inaccurate, the Lessee shall provide appropriate true-up payments within 15 days or corrected reports within 30 days of the deficiency.
Audit Provisions. 5.1 MiliRisk shall maintain records of amounts billable to and payments made on behalf of Customer. In addition, MiliRisk shall maintain records of the data utilized to perform the Services defined in Exhibit I of the Agreement; until five years following the date of last file activity, or the period specified by the applicable state statute, whichever is the later unless such records are earlier returned to Customer. MiliRisk agrees to provide reasonable supporting documentation concerning any disputed invoice amount to Customer within 15 days after Customer provides written notification of the dispute to MiliRisk. Customer and an auditor selected by Customer shall have access to all such records upon mutually agreed upon prior notice for the purposes of audit and verification during normal business hours during the full term of this Agreement and during the respective periods in which MiliRisk is required to maintain such records. MiliRisk shall provide access to its books, records and bank accounts to the insurance department of the State of Florida in a form usable by the department.
Audit Provisions. 2.6.1 The selection and appointment of persons pursuant to provisions within the Audit Category shall be a matter for (and decided by) the Committee.
Audit Provisions. The Commonwealth shall have the right, at reasonable times and at a site designated by the Commonwealth, to audit the books, documents and records of the Contractor to the extent that the books, documents and records relate to costs or pricing data for the Contract. The Contractor agrees to maintain records which will support the prices charged and costs incurred for the Contract. The Contractor shall preserve books, documents and records that relate to costs or pricing data for the Contract for a period of three (3) years from date of final payment. The Contractor shall give full and free access to all records to the Commonwealth and/or their authorized representatives.
Audit Provisions. During the term of this Agreement You will have the right, at your expense, upon no less than fifteen (15) working days prior written notice and at a date and time that is mutually agreed, to audit Ennov to enable You to meet your obligations under relevant laws and regulations, with specific emphasis on Ennov policies, procedures, security, change control, systems and services, product handling of electronic data and records and electronic signatures and security. Ennov’s commercial and financial policies, procedures and data are excluded from the scope of any audit to the maximum extent possible. Such audit will be conducted by your personnel under obligations of confidentiality, will not interfere unreasonably with Ennov’s business activities, and will be conducted no more than once per two calendar years, unless You have received a request from a regulatory autho- rity with jurisdiction over your business, or unless a previous audit has disclosed a material non-conformance to the standards required by the appropriate agencies. All material made available during the audit may not be reproduced or copied in any form. You may determine to conduct the audit at Ennov’s premises, by telephone, by paper or via the internet. You will use information received during an audit solely for the purposes of the Agreement and will otherwise maintain the confidentiality of such information. You agree that Ennov will charge and, You will pay, for the time required by Ennov staff to conduct the audit, answer auditor’s questions, write or respond to an audit report and related follow up tasks at its current hourly rate for internal projects.
Audit Provisions. The contracting parties shall be subject to examination and audit by both the Trustees (or designee) of the California State University and the Auditor General of the State of California at any time during construction and for a period of three (3) years after final payment of the Contract (Government Code section 8546.7). Such examination and audit shall include access to the Licensee and the subcontractor records as delineated in the following:
Audit Provisions. Section 6.01 All proposed Direct Labor rates and ICR’s are subject to review and approval by the CSO or WSDOT Internal Audit prior to the execution of this Agreement or issuance of any update.