Unpaid Amount definition

Unpaid Amount has the meaning specified in Section 7.05.
Unpaid Amount means, in relation to any Collection, credited by Agos to the Collection Account in accordance with the Servicing Agreement, the unpaid amount of such Collection on the relevant due date, as verified by Agos, in its capacity as Servicer, following the above mentioned crediting to the Collection Account.In respect of the Principal Available Funds
Unpaid Amount has the meaning assigned in Section 14.12(2).

Examples of Unpaid Amount in a sentence

  • Default Interest Period means, for an Unpaid Amount, a period of one month (or any other period the relevant Noteholder selects) beginning on the day on which the amount falls due, or on the last day of another Default Interest Period for that amount.

  • A Defaulting Lender shall immediately pay to a Special Advance Lender all sums of any kind paid to or received by the Defaulting Lender from Borrowers, whether pursuant to the terms of this Agreement or the other Loan Documents or in connection with the realization of the security therefor until the Unpaid Amount is fully repaid.

  • The Defaulting Lender shall have the right to repurchase the senior participation in its interest in the Loan from the Special Advance Lender, pro rata if there is more than one Special Advance Lender, at any time by the payment of the Unpaid Amount.

  • Interest on an Unpaid Amount accrues each day in a Default Interest Period at the Default Interest Rate, and is capitalised (if not paid) on the last day of that Default Interest Period.

  • Notwithstanding the fact that the Defaulting Lender may temporarily hold such sums, the Defaulting Lender shall be deemed to hold same as a trustee for the benefit of the Special Advance Lender, it being the express intention of the Lenders that the Special Advance Lender shall have an ownership interest in such sums to the extent of the Unpaid Amount.

More Definitions of Unpaid Amount

Unpaid Amount means, in relation to a Swingline Loan, any principal not repaid and/or any interest accrued but unpaid on that Swingline Loan calculated from the Utilisation Date to the Loss Sharing Date.
Unpaid Amount means all or any part of principal, accrued interest, fees or other amounts owing to the Lenders under this Agreement or the Floating Rate Note which is not paid in full when and as due and payable, whether at Stated Maturity, by acceleration or otherwise, or any sum due and payable by the Shipowner to the Lenders under any judgment of any court or arbitral tribunal in connection with this Agreement which is not paid on the date of such judgment; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that it is agreed that Unpaid Amount shall not include any part of the principal and interest on the Floating Rate Note, except that Unpaid Amount shall include all such amounts thereof as are not paid by the Shipowner as and when they are due but are paid by the Shipowner prior to payment thereof by the Secretary. "LIBOR" shall mean, in relation to any Post Maturity Period (other than the first Post Maturity Period contemplated by clause (iii) of Section 4.02(b)), the rate of interest per annum (rounded upward, if necessary, to the nearest 1/16 of 1%) last quoted by the principal London office of CITIBANK, N.A., prior to the close of business at such London office on the Quotation Date for the offering to leading banks in the London interbank market of U.S. Dollar deposits on an overnight basis and in an amount comparable to the Unpaid Amount to which LIBOR is to apply. "Accelerated Repayment" shall mean any part of the principal of the Floating Rate Note which became due and payable on a day other than its Payment Date. "Post Maturity Period" shall mean with respect to the period from the date an Unpaid Amount was due until such amount shall have been paid in full, each successive period, the first of which shall start on the date such Unpaid Amount was due (or the date of any such judgment or arbitral award, if earlier) and each other of which shall start on the last day of the preceding such period, and the duration of each of which shall be one day, or if LIBOR applies, then from and including the Quotation Date for such Post Maturity Period to but excluding the next Quotation Date or such other duration selected by the Person to whom such Unpaid Amount is due; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that in the case of any Accelerated Repayment, the first such Post Maturity Period applicable thereto shall be of a duration equal to the unexpired portion of its then applicable Interest Period. "Quotation Date" in relation to any Post Maturity Period means the day on which quotations would ordinarily be given by ...
Unpaid Amount means the amount determined as such under the Primary Swap Agreement.
Unpaid Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 11(d).
Unpaid Amount shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.06(n).
Unpaid Amount has the meaning given to such term in Section 26(c).
Unpaid Amount means, as of any date and without duplication, an amount equal to the Administrative Agent’s or any Lender’s, as the case may be, good faith estimate of the aggregate amount of accrued and unpaid (a) fees and expenses (including indemnities that are due) of the Borrower, including any Administrative Expenses and (b) interest and other Obligations of the Borrower hereunder (which, for purposes of this definition, excludes the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Loans that is not then due and payable). Any such amounts not payable in Dollars shall be converted into Dollars by the Administrative Agent at the then current spot rate.