Company hereunder Sample Clauses

Company hereunder. Consultant shall immediately give notice to the Company of any unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential Information. Consultant shall assist the Company in remedying any such unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential Information. Consultant agrees not to communicate any information to the Company in violation of the proprietary rights of any third party
Company hereunder. The Company shall, consistent with the provisions of this Indenture and the other contractual obligations of the Company, designate whether Notes to be issued shall be Series A Notes or Series B Notes.
Company hereunder. The Consultant represents, warrants and covenants to the Company that he will use his best efforts in performing his duties hereunder.
Company hereunder. For purposes of this Agreement, a Letter of Credit shall be deemed outstanding as of any time in an amount equal to the maximum amount which could be drawn thereunder under any circumstances and over any period of time plus any unreimbursed drawings then outstanding with respect thereto. If and to the extent any Letter of Credit expires or otherwise terminates without having been drawn upon, the availability under the Commitment shall to such extent be reinstated. The parties acknowledge and agree that the Blue Mountain L/C is not a Letter of Credit hereunder.
Company hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the unpaid principal amount of the Notes may not be accelerated pursuant to an Event of Default described in subsection d if prior to such acceleration, all amounts due under such other indebtedness as described in such subsection shall have been repaid. The provisions of this Section are subject, however, to the condition that if, at any time after any Note shall have so become due and payable, the Company shall pay all arrears of interest on such Note and all payments on account of the principal on such Note and any other amounts owing which shall have become due otherwise than by acceleration (with interest on such principal, and, to the extent permitted by law, on overdue payments of interest, at the rate specified in the Notes) and all Events of Default (other than nonpayment of principal of and accrued interest on Notes, due and payable solely by virtue of acceleration) shall be remedied or waived pursuant to Section 9, then, and in every such case, the Majority Noteholders, by written notice to the Company, may rescind and annul any such acceleration and its consequences; but no such action shall affect any subsequent Event of Default or impair any right consequent thereon.

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No Liability Until Receipt The Custodian shall not be liable for, or considered to be the Custodian of, any money, whether or not represented by any check, draft, or other instrument for the payment of money, received by it on behalf of the Series, until the Custodian actually receives and collects such money.
No Liability Bank shall not be responsible or liable for any shortage or discrepancy in, damage to, or loss or destruction of, any goods, the sale or other disposition of which gives rise to an Account, or for any error, act, omission, or delay of any kind occurring in the settlement, failure to settle, collection or failure to collect any Account, or for settling any Account in good faith for less than the full amount thereof, nor shall Bank be deemed to be responsible for any of Borrower’s obligations under any contract or agreement giving rise to an Account. Nothing herein shall, however, relieve Bank from liability for its own gross negligence or willful misconduct.
AUTO LIABILITY Where the services to be provided under this Contract involve or require the use of any type of vehicle by Contractor in order to perform said services, Contractor shall also provide comprehensive business or commercial automobile liability coverage including non-owned and hired automobile liability in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). ❒ Insurance Reduction or Waiver of Coverage Requested (Exhibit “C”)
Company Liability Any enforceable debt or obligation for which the Company is liable or which is secured by any Company Property.
ERISA Plans and Liabilities All currently existing ERISA Plans are listed in the Disclosure Schedule or a Disclosure Report. Except as disclosed in the Initial Financial Statements or in the Disclosure Schedule or a Disclosure Report, no Termination Event has occurred with respect to any ERISA Plan and all ERISA Affiliates are in compliance with ERISA in all material respects. No ERISA Affiliate is required to contribute to, or has any other absolute or contingent liability in respect of, any "multiemployer plan" as defined in Section 4001 of ERISA. Except as set forth in the Disclosure Schedule or a Disclosure Report: (i) no "accumulated funding deficiency" (as defined in Section 412(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended) exists with respect to any ERISA Plan, whether or not waived by the Secretary of the Treasury or his delegate, and (ii) the current value of each ERISA Plan's benefits does not exceed the current value of such ERISA Plan's assets available for the payment of such benefits by more than $500,000.
Breach of this Agreement If the Executive commits a breach, or threatens to commit a breach, of any of the provisions of Sections 7, 8 or 9 of this Agreement, then the Company shall have the right and remedy to have those provisions specifically enforced by any court having equity jurisdiction, it being acknowledged and agreed by the Executive that the rights and privileges of the Company granted in Sections 7, 8 and 9 are of a special, unique and extraordinary character and any such breach or threatened breach will cause great and irreparable injury to the Company and that money damages will not provide an adequate remedy to the Company.
Applicable Law and Liabilities This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All sales hereunder are to be made, and title to the Series shares shall pass, in Boston, Massachusetts.
Material Breach of Contract In the event Consultant fails to deliver the product and services as contracted for herein, to the satisfaction of the City of Sparks or otherwise fails to perform any provisions of this Contract, the City, after providing five (5) days written notice and consultant’s failure to cure such breach, may without waiving any other remedy, make good the deficiencies and deduct the actual cost of providing alternative products and/or services from payment due the Consultant. Non-performance after the first notice of non-performance shall be considered a material breach of contract.
No Liability to Third Parties No person who is or has been a Trustee, officer, or employee of the Trust shall be subject to any personal liability whatsoever to any Person, other than the Trust or its Shareholders, in connection with the affairs of the Trust; and all Persons shall look solely to the Trust Property or Property of a Series for satisfaction of claims of any nature arising in connection with the affairs of the Trust or such Series. Every note, bond, contract, instrument, certificate, Share or undertaking and every other act or thing whatsoever executed or done by or on behalf of the Trust or the Trustees or any of them in connection with the Trust shall be conclusively deemed to have been executed or done only in or with respect to their or his capacity as Trustees or Trustee and neither such Trustees or Trustee nor the Shareholders shall be personally liable thereon. All Persons extending credit to, contracting with or having any claim against the Trust or a Series shall look only to the assets of the Trust Property or the Trust Property of such Series for payment under such credit, contract or claim; and neither the Trustees, nor any of the Trust's officers, employees or agents, whether past, present or future, shall be personally liable therefor.
Landlord Liability Tenant, its successors, and assigns shall not assert nor seek to enforce any claim for breach of this Lease against any of Landlord’s assets other than Landlord’s interest in the Industrial Center. Tenant agrees to look solely to such interest for the satisfaction of any liability or claim against Landlord under this Lease. In no event whatsoever shall Landlord (which term shall include, without limitation, any general or limited partner, trustees, beneficiaries, officers, directors, or stockholders of Landlord) ever be personally liable for any such liability.