Payment Provisions Sample Clauses

Payment Provisions. Payment shall be made in accordance with Chapter 2251 of the Texas Government Code, commonly known as the Texas Prompt Payment Act. Chapter 2251 of the Texas Government Code shall govern remittance of payment and remedies for late payment and non-payment.
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Payment Provisions. The payment provisions are amended as follows:
Payment Provisions. The payment provisions are amended as follows: EXAMPLE: Section ## is amended by the addition of the following requirements [OR] Section ## is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced as set forth below: REQUIRED CONTRACTOR CERTIFICATIONS Taxes Due to the State. Contractor certifies under the pains and penalties of perjury that, as of the date this SOW Amendment is signed, the Contractor is in good standing with respect to, or in full compliance with a plan to pay, any and all taxes due the State of Vermont.
Payment Provisions. The CONSULTANT shall be paid by the AGENCY for completed SERVICES rendered under this AGREEMENT as provided hereinafter. Such payment shall be full compensation for SERVICES performed or SERVICES rendered and for all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and incidentals necessary to complete SERVICES. The CONSULTANT shall conform to all applicable portions of 48 CFR Part 31 (
Payment Provisions. 4.1 RATE STRUCTURE: DETERMINATION OF RATE The TRICARE rate is the per diem rate that TRICARE will authorize for all mental health services rendered to a patient and the patient’s family as part of the total treatment plan submitted by an approved IOP, and approved by DHA or a designee. The per diem rate will be as specified in 32 CFR 199.14(a)(2)(ix).
Payment Provisions. The Agency agrees to pay for the services provided and as described under this contract up to a maximum amount not to exceed $620,274.00, for the entire contract period.
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Payment Provisions. Payment shall be made in accordance with the Contract Documents as described in the Scope of Work, Attachment B.
Payment Provisions. The Company covenants that so long as this Note is outstanding:
Payment Provisions. 2.1 Payment will be made against proper invoices issued in accordance with the final agreed budget (attach as an Appendix if appropriate) and the payment schedule in 2.7 below, subject to the applicable conditions and upon the applicable triggers.
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