Acceptance by Sample Clauses

Acceptance by the Corporation of a certificate or a policy does not excuse the Contractor from maintaining policies consistent with all provisions of this Article (and ensuring that subcontractors maintain such policies) or from any liability arising from its failure to do so.
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Acceptance by the Trustee of the Mortgage Loans. The Trustee and the Custodians shall acknowledge, on the Closing Date, receipt by the Trustee or the applicable Custodian, as applicable, on behalf of the Trustee of the documents identified in the Initial Certification in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit E, and declares that it holds and will hold such documents and the other documents delivered to it pursuant to Section 2.01, and that it holds or will hold such other assets as are included in the Trust Fund, in trust for the exclusive use and benefit of all present and future Certificateholders. The Trustee and the Custodians shall maintain possession of the related Mortgage Notes in the States of California, Minnesota or Utah unless otherwise permitted by the Rating Agencies. In connection with the Closing Date, the Trustee and the Custodians shall be required to deliver via facsimile (with original to follow the next Business Day) to the Depositor and the Servicers an Initial Certification prior to the Closing Date, or, with the Depositor's consent, on the Closing Date, certifying receipt of a Mortgage Note and Assignment of Mortgage for each applicable Mortgage Loan. Neither the Trustee nor the Custodians shall be responsible to verify the validity, sufficiency or genuineness of any document in any Custodial File. Within 90 days after the Closing Date, the Trustee and each Custodian shall, for the benefit of the Holders of the Certificates, ascertain that all documents identified in the Document Certification and Exception Report in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F with respect to the Mortgage Loans for which it is acting as the Custodian, are in its possession, and shall deliver to the Depositor, the Servicers and the Trustee, if delivered by a Custodian, a Document Certification and Exception Report, in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit F, to the effect that, as to each applicable Mortgage Loan listed in the Mortgage Loan Schedule (other than any Mortgage Loan paid in full or any Mortgage Loan specifically identified in such certification as an exception and not covered by such certification): (i) all documents identified in the Document Certification and Exception Report and required to be reviewed by it are in its possession; (ii) such documents have been reviewed by it and appear regular on their face and relate to such Mortgage Loan; (iii) based on its examination and only as to the foregoing documents, the information set forth in items (1), (2), (7) a...
Acceptance by a licensee of a wrongdoing and/or non-compliance is a mitigating factor which will be taken into account by the SC in determining the nature of any administrative sanction that may be deemed appropriate.
Acceptance by. Home Depot of any insurance policies shall not relieve USRI of any responsibility hereunder including claims in excess of limits described above.
Acceptance by. Subject to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 6 of this Supplemental Conveyance, [ ] hereby acknowledges its acceptance of all right, title and interest in and to the property, now existing and hereafter created, conveyed to [ ] pursuant to Section 3(a) of this Supplemental Conveyance, and declares that it shall maintain such right, title and interest. [ ] further acknowledges that, prior to or simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this Supplemental Conveyance, the Seller delivered to [ ] the computer file or microfiche list described in Section 2 of this Supplemental Conveyance.
Acceptance by signing this part of this form of offer and acceptance, the employer identified belowaccepts the tenderer’s offer. In consideration thereof, the employer shall pay the contractor the amount due in accordance with the conditions of contract identified in the contract data. Acceptance of the tenderer’s offer shall form an agreement between the employer and the tenderer upon the terms and conditions contained in this agreement and in the contract that is the subject of this agreement. The terms of the contract, are contained in: Part C1: Agreements and contract data, (which includes this agreement) Part C2: Pricing data Part C3: Scope of work. Part C4: Site information and drawings and documents or parts thereof, which may be incorporated by reference into Parts 1 to 4 above. Deviations from and amendments to the documents listed in the tender data and any addenda thereto as listed in the tender schedules as well as any changes to the terms of the offer agreed by the tenderer and the employer during this process of offer and acceptance, are contained in the schedule of deviations attached to and forming part of this agreement. No amendments to or deviations from said documents are valid unless contained in this schedule. The tenderer shall within two weeks after receiving a completed copy of this agreement, including the schedule of deviations (if any), contact the employer’s agent (whose details are given in the contract data) to arrange the delivery of any bonds, guarantees, proof of insurance and any other documentation to be provided in terms of the conditions of contract identified in the contract data. Failure to fulfill any of these obligations in accordance with those terms shall constitute a repudiation of this agreement. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, this agreement comes into effect on the date when the tenderer receives one fully completedoriginal copy of this document, including the schedule of deviations (if any). Unless the tenderer (now contractor) within five working days of the date of such receipt notifies the employer in writing of any reason why he cannot accept the contents of this agreement, this agreement shall constitute a binding contract between the parties. Signature. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Capacity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for the Employer DEPARTMENT OF...
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Acceptance by. Indiana State Librarian Date Indiana University, Xxxx of Libraries Date _____________________________________________________________Purdue University, Xxxx of Libraries Date _____________________________________________________________University of Notre Xxxx, Xxxx of Libraries Date
Acceptance by a customer of a ZEPHYR SOCIAL estimate is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions in this SLA, unless specifically agreed in writing between the Customer and ZEPHYR SOCIAL to the contrary.
Acceptance by. Each party agrees to uphold, abide by, and enforce the terms of this voting agreement for it’s entire duration by affixing their electronic signature below. By: Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx
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