Acceptance by Sample Clauses

Acceptance by. Subject to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 6 of this Supplemental Conveyance, [ ] hereby acknowledges its acceptance of all right, title and interest in and to the property, now existing and hereafter created, conveyed to [ ] pursuant to Section 3(a) of this Supplemental Conveyance, and declares that it shall maintain such right, title and interest. [ ] further acknowledges that, prior to or simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this Supplemental Conveyance, the Seller delivered to [ ] the computer file or microfiche list described in Section 2 of this Supplemental Conveyance.
Acceptance by. Home Depot of any insurance policies shall not relieve USRI of any responsibility hereunder including claims in excess of limits described above.
Acceptance by the Buyer of the transfer to it or to any company substituted for it, including Ducros, of undertakings by the Sellers or their Affiliates of the letters of guarantee, security or comfort granted by the Sellers or the Affiliates of the Sellers, copies of which are attached as EXHIBIT 4.7 either by means of a full and final release from the beneficiary in the form of a counter guarantee by the Buyer in identical terms of the undertakings of the Sellers or the Affiliates of the Sellers, in such a way that the Sellers or their Affiliates are entirely released.
Acceptance by. This Consulting Agreement is not valid or binding upon Fortune unless and until executed by its president or other duly authorized executive officer of Fortune at its home office in Nassau, Bahamas.
Acceptance by its execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Design-Builder hereby accepts the work performed by the Design-Builder or the Engineer under the Phase I Design-Build Agreement The Design-Builder further agrees that it shall not (a) make any claim for damages or seek any adjustment to the GMP, the Design-Builder's Fee or the Dates of Substantial Construction Completion and/or Final Construction Completion or (b) raise any defense to, or seek any excuse for, performance of its obligations and responsibility for its liabilities under this Agreement, based upon, in any part, the Design-Builder's or Engineer's work completed or not completed pursuant to the Phase 1 Design-Build Agreement (it being acknowledged and agreed that nothing in this Section 3.1.1 shall limit the Design-Builder's rights and obligations under Section 11.10 of this Agreement).
Acceptance by. Signature of museum official…………………………………………. Name………………..……………Position…………………………… Description Condition Valuation For any further details please contact The Secretary, Gippsland Auto Museum XX Xxx 000 Xxxxxx 0000 Xx 0000-0000. The Museum is located at 0X Xxxx Xx Xxxxxx XXXXXXXXX AUTO MUSEUM INC CONDITIONS COVERING GIFTS The museum will only collect those items of a nature consistent with its mission, vision and goals, and for which it is able to care and/or use in a manner acceptable to the museum profession at large. The Museum cannot engage in indiscriminate acquisition and accessions must fill a recognised deficiency or upgrade the existing collection. Donors must declare in writing that they have full ownership of the item(s) being donated or have full authority to make the gift. Gifts to the Museum are considered to be outright and unrestricted donations to be used in the best interest of the Museum. Should the donor wish to claim an Income Tax deduction in respect of a gift(s) the donor must supply to the Museum an independent certificate of valuation describing the item in full and the valuation amount in Australian dollars.
Acceptance by a customer of a ZEPHYR SOCIAL estimate is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions in this SLA, unless specifically agreed in writing between the Customer and ZEPHYR SOCIAL to the contrary.
Acceptance by. This Consulting Agreement is not valid or binding upon Proctor unless and untxx xxxxuted by its president or other duly authorized executive officer of Proctor at its home office in Nxxxxx, Bahamas.