Association President Sample Clauses

Association President. The President of the Association has the right to visit schools. The President will coordinate the visits with the offices of the principals in order to facilitate the purpose of this visit. Visits that are made to solve special problems of teachers will be arranged in advance by notifying the office of the principal.
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Association President. A nurse who is elected to the Office of President of the Ontario Nurses’ Association shall be granted upon request leave(s) of absence up to two (2) consecutive years. There shall be no loss of seniority or credits for the purposes of salary advancement and vacation entitlement or other purposes during such leave. During such leave(s) of absence salary and benefits will be kept whole by the Employer and the Association agrees to reimburse the Employer on a monthly basis for such salary and Employer contributions to benefits. The nurse agrees to notify the Employer of her/his intention to return to work within four (4) weeks following her/his termination of office.
Association President. 5-1 Upon written request from the Association's Executive Board, the District shall grant the president and vice president of the Association a two (2) year leave of absence without pay during the president's and vice president's term of office for professional and educational development, participation in community projects, visitations of schools and other Association business.
Association President. The Association President is the duly elected chief executive officer of the Vancouver Community College Faculty Association. The Association President shall be considered an employee at all College locations.
Association President. 31.1.1 The Association President shall be granted full release time for the academic year during which the President holds such office. During such year, the President shall be relieved of his/her teaching duties without loss of salary, fringe benefits or status and the Association shall reimburse the District an amount equal to 123% of base salary (base salary is step 1 of the salary schedule).
Association President. “Association President” and “President of the Association” shall mean the person serving from time to time as President of the Association. The parties recognize and agree that the Association may, in the discharge of its responsibilities hereunder, act through its affiliate, the Massachusetts State College Association, and that the Association and its affiliate are jointly and severally liable for the discharge of such responsibilities.
Association President. 5-1: The Board recognizes the President of the Association and his/her designee as the Representative of the Association in all matters concerning the provisions or terms of this Agreement.
Association President. 1. Upon the request of the Association to the Deputy Minister, the Deputy Minister shall release the President of the Association from regular duties to conduct Association business for a period of one (1) school year. The request for absence must be received by the Deputy Minister in writing before May 31st. The leave granted the President shall be without pay. For all purposes except salary the President shall be treated as if he/she was not on leave.
Association President. The Association President shall be appointed to the position of TOTEM Labor Liaison with the District. The position is on a full-time, benefit bearing basis, forty hours per week, twelve months per year. The President shall be paid by the District in accordance with Sections 502 and 507 of the Agreement at the appropriate range and at the highest step on the salary schedule during the time the President serves in this capacity. At the conclusion of the term of office, or upon voluntary severance as President, the employee shall be reassigned to a position equivalent to the position held prior to becoming the TOTEM Labor Liaison and will be placed on the salary schedule at the range for the position in accordance with Article 501. Step placement will be at the employee’s previous step and with step movement being granted for the year(s) of service as TOTEM Labor Liaison, in years the contract grants step movement, and in accordance with Article 503. The employee may apply and be considered for other vacancies during the term of office. The Association agrees to defend and hold the District harmless from any suit or claim of any sort that might be asserted against the District arising out of the actions of the President during the term of this Agreement.
Association President. The Association President may use the preparation period for Association business. Lacking a designated preparation period, times prior to and after the close of the regularly scheduled student day may be used for Association business. At the beginning of each school year, the President of the Association will notify the Administration which period shall be used. This paragraph supersedes B above.