The Association agrees Sample Clauses

The Association agrees. (a) To furnish the Employer with a list of its Negotiating Committee Members, which committee is to be comprised of not more than five
The Association agrees. Possession (1) To give the Tenant possession of the Premises at the start of the Tenancy. Tenant's right (2) Not to interrupt or interfere with the Tenant's right to occupy the Premises except where: (i) access is required to inspect the condition of the Premises or to carry out repairs or other works to the Premises or adjoining property; or (ii) a court has given the Association possession by ending the Tenancy. Repair of structure (3) To keep in good repair the structure and exterior of the Premises, including: (i) drains, gutters and external pipes; (ii) the roof; (iii) outside walls, outside doors, windowsills, window catches, sash cords and window frames including necessary external painting and decorating; (iv) internal walls, floors and ceilings, doors and door frames, door hinges and skirting boards but not including internal painting and decoration; (v) chimneys, chimney stacks and flues but not including sweeping; (vi) pathways, steps or other means of access; (vii) plasterwork; (viii) integral garages and stores; (ix) boundary walls and fences.
The Association agrees. (a) To furnish the Board with a list of its bargaining committee Members, and;
The Association agrees. (a) To furnish the Employer with a list of its Negotiating Committee Members, which committee is to be comprised of not more than four (4) members, all of whom are to be Employees of the Employer, excluding the business manager or his designate of the Bargaining Unit, who shall also be a member of the Negotiating Committee; and
The Association agrees. A. To conduct itself as an official UNIVERSITY Support Group in accordance with the Policy on University Support Groups approved by The Regents on September 15, 1995 and the Administrative Guidelines for University Support Groups issued in connection therewith and revised on October 24, 2012, copies of which are attached and made a part of this agreement. Future updates or revisions of the policy and guidelines are incorporated herein as they are issued.
The Association agrees. POSSESSION 1. To give the Tenant possession of the Premises at the commencement of the tenancy.
The Association agrees. (1) That it will provide current and certified (Virginia High School League) officials to support the tournament.
The Association agrees. 1.1 To let the accommodation to you rent-free while your home is affected by building work.

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  • The Association 1. Upon a request in writing made to the President of a University, the Association or any Chapter thereof shall have the right to meet at such University if appropriate facilities are available. All requests must be received at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the time requested for the meeting. The parties agree not to schedule meetings involving members of the bargaining unit which would conflict with any previously scheduled meetings or regularly scheduled classes. The parties intend that this provision shall not be deemed to prevent the reasonable scheduling of Association meetings or to permit interference with the normal conduct of University affairs.

  • Separation Agreement and General Release The Company’s obligation to make the Severance Payment or to pay the Salary Continuation is conditioned on Executive’s or his legal representative’s executing a separation agreement and general release of claims related to or arising from Executive’s employment with the Company or the termination of employment, against the Company and its affiliates (and their respective officers and directors) in a form reasonably determined by the Company, which shall be provided by the Company to Executive within five (5) days following the Date of Termination; provided, that, if Executive should fail to execute (or revokes) such release within 60 days following the Date of Termination, the Company shall not have any obligation to provide the Severance Payment or the Salary Continuation. If Executive executes the release within such 60 day period and does not revoke the release within seven (7) days following the execution of the release, the Severance Payment will be made in accordance with Section 4(a)(ii) or the Salary Continuation shall commence at such time, as applicable.

  • Separation Agreement The Parties agree that, in the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the Separation Agreement with respect to the subject matter hereof, the terms of this Agreement shall govern.

  • The Fund SERV Eligible Unit Servicing Agent shall be indemnified ratably by the affected Trust and held harmless against any loss or liability accruing to it without negligence, bad faith or willful misconduct on its part, arising out of or in connection with the operations of the Trust, including the costs and expenses (including counsel fees) of defending itself against any claim of liability in the premises, including without limitation any loss, liability or expense incurred in acting pursuant to written directions to the Fund/SERV Eligible Unit Servicing Agent given by the Trustee or Depositor from time to time in accordance with the provisions of this Indenture or in undertaking actions from time to time which the Fund/SERV Eligible Unit Servicing Agent deems necessary in its discretion to protect the Trust and the rights and interests of the Fund/SERV Eligible Unit holders pursuant to the terms of this Indenture.

  • Cooperation Agreement Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement, Bidco and St. Modwen have, amongst other things, each agreed to: (i) cooperate in relation to obtaining any consents, clearances, permissions, waivers and/or approvals as may be necessary, and the making of all filings as may be necessary, from or under the law, regulations or practices applied by any applicable regulatory authority in connection with the Acquisition; and (ii) cooperate in preparing and implementing appropriate proposals in relation to the St. Modwen Share Plans. In addition, Xxxxx has agreed to certain provisions if the Scheme should switch to an Offer. The Cooperation Agreement will terminate in certain circumstances, including if the Acquisition is withdrawn, terminated or lapses, a competing offer completes, becomes effective or is declared unconditional, or if prior to the Long Stop Date any Condition has been invoked by Bidco, if the St. Modwen Directors withdraw their recommendation of the Acquisition or if the Scheme does not become effective in accordance with its terms by the Long Stop Date or otherwise as agreed between Bidco and St. Modwen. Pursuant to the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, Bidco undertakes that it will deliver a notice in writing to St. Modwen on the Business Day prior to the Sanction Hearing confirming either: (i) the satisfaction or waiver of the Conditions (other than the Scheme Conditions); or (ii) to the extent permitted by the Panel, that it intends to invoke or treat as unsatisfied or incapable of satisfaction one or more Conditions.

  • Association Release Time Subd. 1. The Employer and the Association agree that the release of an ASF Member from normal job duties to perform other service shall be governed as follows:

  • Association Representation In situations where the Association has been requested in writing not to represent the grievant, the District shall not agree to a final resolution of the grievance until the Association has received a copy of the grievance and the proposed resolution and has been given the opportunity to state its views on the matter.

  • RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 3.5.1 In recognition of the involvement of Members in the consultative process of this Agreement, the University agrees to provide the Association with three stipends per academic year to be distributed at the Association’s discretion. The value of each stipend shall be equivalent to the salary for a one-term undergraduate course. In addition, the Association will be allowed to purchase up to three additional stipends per academic year at the same rate. The Association will inform the University of the names of the Members to whom such stipends are to be allocated as soon as they are elected or appointed and not later than July 1. Designated Members will be issued an administrative contract for an amount equivalent to the salary for a one-term undergraduate course. Responsibilities assigned by the Association and stipends received under this Article 3.5.1 shall not count as part of a Member’s workload under Article 16 or 17. A Librarian Member who has been designated such a stipend by the Association shall arrange the scheduling of his/her library duties with the University Librarian.

  • The Bank 1. shall perform the duties imposed on the Bank under the Ordinance.

  • ASSOCIATION AND TEACHER RIGHTS A. Pursuant to the Michigan Employment Relations Act, the District hereby agrees that every teacher employed by the District shall have the right to freely join, not join, maintain or terminate his/her membership in the Association for the purpose of engaging in collective bargaining or negotiations. The District agrees that it will not directly or indirectly discourage, deprive, or coerce any teacher in the enjoyment of rights conferred by the Michigan Employment Relations Act, or other Laws of Michigan or the Constitution of Michigan and/or the United States; that it will not discriminate against any teacher with respect to hours, wages, terms or conditions of employment.