Representative Assembly definition

Representative Assembly means a body established pursuant to
Representative Assembly means a general meeting composed of representatives of locals, members of the Provincial Executive Council and such other persons as are authorized by the Provincial Executive Council or by the representative assembly to attend, and the “annual representative assembly” means the “annual general meeting” used in the Teaching Profession Act,

Examples of Representative Assembly in a sentence

  • The Allocation Formula is the basis for allotting representatives from WIAA Districts to the Representative Assembly.

  • The nominations shall be reported to the OEA Representative Assembly at its election meeting.

  • There will be no renewal until an amendment is submitted to and acted on by the Representative Assembly.

  • No individual except members of the NSAA staff and Representative Assembly may address the Representative Assembly (reference, Nebraska Unicameral, Rule 2 – Rules of Procedure, Section 3, paragraph (i)).

  • Meetings of the NSAA Representative Assembly as a legislative body shall be subject to the inspection of public record statutes and the Nebraska Open Meetings Act.

  • Members of the public will not be permitted to address the Representative Assembly.

  • Submit amendments for Representative Assembly action when appropriate.

  • Report their findings and recommendations to the WIAA Executive Board and Representative Assembly.

  • The designated method of providing public notice of the date, time, location and agenda of NSAA Representative Assembly meetings shall be through posting on the NSAA website,

  • NSAA Representative Assembly is a legislative body of the association responsible for establishing policy for the effective regulation of school activities for which the NSAA has been created by its member schools, including taking action on proposed changes in the Constitution and By-Laws of the NSAA approved by the Legislative Commission for placement on the Agenda of the Representative Assembly.

More Definitions of Representative Assembly

Representative Assembly means a governing body of the educational services commission composed of an elected representative from each member district.

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  • Representative with respect to a particular Person, any director, officer, employee, agent, consultant, advisor, or other representative of such Person, including legal counsel, accountants, and financial advisors.

  • Representative sample means a sample of a universe or whole (e.g., waste pile, lagoon, ground water) which can be expected to exhibit the average properties of the universe or whole.

  • Engineer’s Representative means any Resident Engineer or assistant to the Engineer-In-Charge appointed from time to time by the company to perform the duties set forth in the contract whose authority may be notified in writing to the Contractor by the Company.

  • Procurement Representative means the person authorized by ULA’s cognizant procurement organization to administer and/or execute this Contract.

  • Resident Representative means (if any) the individual (or, if permitted in accordance with the Companies Acts, the company) appointed to perform the duties of resident representative set out in the Companies Acts and includes any assistant or deputy Resident Representative appointed by the Board to perform any of the duties of the Resident Representative;

  • Supplier Representative means the representative appointed by the Supplier from time to time in relation to this Framework Agreement;

  • Company Representative means the person or persons appointed and approved in writing from time to time by the Company to act on its behalf for overall co- ordination.

  • Authorized Company Representative means each person at the time designated to act on behalf of the Company by written certificate furnished to the Authority and the Trustee containing the specimen signature of such person and signed on behalf of the Company by its President, any Vice President or its Treasurer, together with its Secretary or any Assistant Secretary.

  • Project Representative means the individual(s), including but not limited to the Resident Engineer, to whom the Authority Representative has delegated Project responsibilities. If a Project Representative is appointed, the Project Representative represents the Authority Representative on the Project within the limits of that delegation with respect to any part of the Work.

  • Contractor’s Representative means the individual authorised to act on behalf of the Contractor for the purposes of the Contract.

  • representative office means any of- fice of a foreign bank which is located in any state and is not a Federal branch, Federal agency, State branch, State agency, or commercial lending company subsidiary.

  • Department Representative means the Manager, Engineering Operations, or designate, who shall represent the Landscape Operations Section for the purposes of this Agreement, or such other person who may be subsequently appointed in writing by the Department Representative and so notified to the Contractor;

  • Factory representative means a representative employed by a person who manufactures or assembles motor vehicles or by a factory branch, for the purpose of making or promoting the sale of its motor vehicles, or for supervising or contacting its dealers or prospective dealers.

  • Principal’s Representative means the person nominated by the Principal or other person from time to time appointed in writing by the Principal to act as the Principal’s Representative for the purposes of the Contract.

  • Representative Amount means, with respect to any Floating Rate to be determined in accordance with a Screen Rate Determination on an Interest Determination Date, the amount specified as such in the relevant Final Terms or, if none is specified, an amount that is representative for a single transaction in the relevant market at the time.

  • Sellers’ Representative has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

  • Management Representative means any individual working at or above the level of supervisor or crew chief who is responsible for directing the work of employees and who exercises independent judgment with respect to the direction of such work. The term includes human resources representatives, strategic advisors, and departmental equal employment opportunity officers, but excludes individuals employed in the City's Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.

  • Company Representatives has the meaning set forth in Section 6.2(a).

  • Authorized City Representative means the person or persons at the time designated, by written certificate furnished to the Authority and the Trustee, as the person or persons authorized to act on behalf of the City. Such certificate shall contain the specimen signature of such person or persons, shall be signed on behalf of the City by the Mayor of the City, and may designate an alternate or alternates. The Authorized City Representative may, but need not, be an employee of the City.

  • Independent representative means a person who:

  • Customer Service Representative means a person that provides an insurance service and insurance product information:

  • Parent Representatives has the meaning set forth in Section 5.2(a).

  • Corporate Representative means an Individual authorised by resolution of the directors or other governing body of a body corporate to represent it;

  • Representative Plaintiffs means, collectively, the representative or lead plaintiffs in each of the Nortel II Actions;

  • Industry representative means an individual who is compensated by salary, commission, or other means for representing and selling an alcoholic product of a manufacturer, supplier, or importer of liquor.

  • Disclosure Representative means the Finance Director, or his or her designee, or such other person as the Issuer shall designate in writing to the Disclosure Dissemination Agent from time to time as the person responsible for providing Information to the Disclosure Dissemination Agent.