No Member shall Sample Clauses

No Member shall. (a) knowingly participate in any decision that directly and preferentially benefits himself/herself or any individual with whom the Member has an immediate familial, marital, sexual or financial relationship; or
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  • Multi-Member The Members, or their designees, shall maintain complete and accurate records and books of the Company’s transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The Company shall furnish each Member, within seventy-five days after the end of each fiscal year, an annual report of the Company including a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement a capital account statement; and the amount of such Member’s share of the Company’s income, gain, losses, deductions and other relevant items for federal income tax purposes. The Company shall prepare all Federal, State and local income tax and information returns for the Company, and shall cause such tax and information returns to be timely filed. Within seventy-five days after the end of each fiscal year, the Company shall forward to each person who was a Member during the preceding fiscal year a true copy of the Company’s information return filed with the Internal Revenue Service for the preceding fiscal year. All elections required or permitted to be made by the Company under the Internal Revenue Code, and the designation of a tax matters partner pursuant to Section 6231(a)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code for all purposes permitted or required by the Code, shall be made by the Company by the affirmative vote or consent of Members holding a majority of the Members’ Percentage Interests. Upon request, the Company shall furnish to each Member, a current list of the names and addresses of all of the Members of the Company, and any other persons or entities having any financial interest in the Company.

  • Pendahuluan Semakin tahun semakin besar kebutuhan akan tanah, baik untuk kepentingan pembangunan perumahan atau gedung maupun untuk pelaksanaan usaha, termasuk usaha pertanian, sedangkan tanah 1 Xxxxx Xxxxxx,XX.XX. adalah Xxxxx Xxxxx III Fakultas Hukum Universitas Batanghari Jambi xxx Xxxxx Tetap PS. Ilmu Hukum Fakultas Hukum Universitas Batanghari Jambi. kosong yang tersedia sudah semakin sedikit xxx tidak pula memiliki tanah sendiri. Dikarenakan tanah sendiri tidak ada atau sangat kecil sedangkan kebutuhan untuk usaha sangat besar, maka diperlukan pihak xxxx xxxx memiliki lahan tanah yang luas untuk menggunakan tanahnya. Pihak yang membutuhkan lahan tanah yang luas untuk usahanya tidak hanya orang perorangan melainkan juga suatu badan usaha. Salah satu badan usaha yang memerlukan lahan tanah yang cukup luas untuk usahanya di kabupaten Muaro Jambi adalah PT. Era Sakti Wiraforestama. Perusahaan ini membutuhkan lahan tanah yang luas guna usaha perkebunan kelapa sawit. Dari usaha yang dilakukan, akhirnya PT. Era Sakti Wiraforestama mendapatkan lahan tanah yang diinginkannya dengan menggunakan tanah xxxxx masyarakat kecamatan Xxxx Xxxx. Penggunaan tanah masyarakat adat Xxxx Xxxx untuk keperluan usaha perkebunan PT. Era Sakti Wiraforestama bukanlah terjadi dengan sendirinya xxx penguasaan semena-mena, melainkan diawali dengan suatu perjanjian kepada xxxxx masyarakat pemilik tanah tersebut. Perjanjian yang diadakan antara PT. Era Sakti Wiraforestama dengan masyarakat adat Xxxx Xxxx adalah perjanjian penggunaan tanah untuk keperluan usaha, yang dituangkan dalam surat perjanjian. Dalam perjanjian yang diadakan, ditentukan xxx xxx kewajiban masing-masing pihak, umumnya hak dari pihak PT. Era Sakti Wiraforestama dapat menggunakan tanah milik masyrakat adat untuk kegiatan usaha perkebunannya hingga jangka waktu yang ditentukan dengan kewajiban membayar sejumlah harga dari hasil perkebunan yang dilakukan xxx mengembalikan pengelolaan tanah tersebut kepada xxxxx masyarakat adat pada saat berakhirnya jangka waktu perjanjian. Sedangkan hak masyarakat adat selaku pemilik tanah selain mendapatkan bagian hasil perkebunan juga mendapatkan tanahnya kembali setelah berakhirnya perjanjian. Dikarenakan penggunaan tanah untuk usaha perkebunan memakan waktu yang cukup lama, maka banyak terjadi perubahan- perubahan dalam pelaksanaan perjanjian yang kadangkala tidak diketahui oleh pihak xxxxx masyarakat, sehingga merugikan xxxxx masyarakat itu sendiri. Dengan terjadinya perubahan-perubahan dalam pelaksanaan perjanjian tanpa diketahui oleh pihak xxxxx masyarakat adat Xxxx Xxxx, timbulah berbagai permasalahan berupa :

  • Suspension of Membership 1. If a member fails to fulfill any of its obligations to the Bank, the Board of Governors may suspend such member by a Super Majority vote as provided in Article 28.

  • Bargaining Unit Member Rights 1. When an employee is to be interviewed or questioned concerning a complaint or allegation of misconduct, the employee will be informed of, prior to the interview, the nature of the investigation and whether the employee is the subject of the investigation or a witness in the investigation. If the employee is the subject of investigation, the employee will also be informed of the specifics of each complaint or allegation against him/her.

  • Unit Member Any employee of the Board of Education who is a member of the unit, including substitutes and home and hospital teachers.

  • Operator The Optionee shall be the operator for purposes of developing and executing exploration programs.

  • CUKAI Jualan hartanah tersebut akan dikenakan cukai berdasarkan mana-mana Akta terkini atau selepasnya yang dikuatkuasa oleh Kerajaan Malaysia yang mana berkenaan. CAJ-CAJ: Sebarang tunggakan caj perkhidmatan atau penyelenggaraan tanpa faedah penalti lewat (jika ada) yang tertunggak xxx perlu dibayar kepada mana-mana pihak berkuasa yang berkenaan xxx/atau pihak Pemaju akan ditanggung oleh pihak Pemegang Xxxxx Xxx/Pemberi Pinjaman setakat tarikh jualan lelongan hartanah tersebut (tertakluk kepada maksimum 10% daripada harga rizab) yang akan dibayar daripada harga pembelian, dengan syarat bahawa Pemegang Xxxxx Xxx/Pemberi Pinjaman menerima xxx xxxx terperinci untuk caj perkhidmatan penyelenggaraan xxx penyata akaun yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak berkuasa xxx/atau pemaju yang berkaitan daripada Pembeli dalam tempoh sembilan puluh (90) hari dari tarikh jualan xxx jika gagal pembeli tidak akan layak untuk apa-apa pembayaran, xxx sebarang jumlah tertunggak yang perlu dibayar selepas tarikh jualan lelongan hartanah tersebut hendaklah ditanggung oleh pembeli.

  • Project Owner Enter the name of the unit of government, agency or mortgagor entity submitting this report. Check box as appropriate.

  • Consider Operator as School Official The Parties agree that Operator is a “school official” under FERPA and has a legitimate educational interest in personally identifiable information from education records. For purposes of the Service Agreement and this DPA, Operator: (1) provides a service or function for which the LEA would otherwise use employees; (2) is under the direct control of the LEA with respect to the use and maintenance of education records; and

  • Single Member The Member (including, for purposes of this Section, any estate, heir, personal representative, receiver, trustee, successor, assignee and/or transferee of the Member) shall not be liable, responsible or accountable, in damages or otherwise, to the Company or any other person for: (i) any act performed, or the omission to perform any act, within the scope of the power and authority conferred on the Member by this agreement and/or by the Statutes except by reason of acts or omissions found by a court of competent jurisdiction upon entry of a final judgment rendered and un-appealable or not timely appealed (“Judicially Determined”) to constitute fraud, gross negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct; (ii) the termination of the Company and this Agreement pursuant to the terms hereof; (iii) the performance by the Member of, or the omission by the Member to perform, any act which the Member reasonably believed to be consistent with the advice of attorneys, accountants or other professional advisers to the Company with respect to matters relating to the Company, including actions or omissions determined to constitute violations of law but which were not undertaken in bad faith; or (iv) the conduct of any person selected or engaged by the Member. The Company, its receivers, trustees, successors, assignees and/or transferees shall indemnify, defend and hold the Member harmless from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever, known or unknown, liquidated or unliquidated, that are incurred by the Member (including amounts paid in satisfaction of judgments, in settlement of any action, suit, demand, investigation, claim or proceeding (“Claim”), as fines or penalties) and from and against all legal or other such costs as well as the expenses of investigating or defending against any Claim or threatened or anticipated Claim arising out of, connected with or relating to this Agreement, the Company or its business affairs in any way; provided, that the conduct of the Member which gave rise to the action against the Member is indemnifiable under the standards set forth herein. Upon application, the Member shall be entitled to receive advances to cover the costs of defending or settling any Claim or any threatened or anticipated Claim against the Member that may be subject to indemnification hereunder upon receipt by the Company of any undertaking by or on behalf of the Member to repay such advances to the Company, without interest, if the Member is Judicially Determined not to be entitled to indemnification as set forth herein. All rights of the Member to indemnification under this Agreement shall (i) be cumulative of, and in addition to, any right to which the Member may be entitled to by contract or as a matter of law or equity, and (ii) survive the dissolution, liquidation or termination of the Company as well as the death, removal, incompetency or insolvency of the Member. The termination of any Claim or threatened Claim against the Member by judgment, order, settlement or upon a plea of nolo contendere or its equivalent shall not, of itself, cause the Member not to be entitled to indemnification as provided herein unless and until Judicially Determined to not be so entitled.

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