Calendar Sample Clauses

Calendar. Year means a period of days running from January 1st until and through December 31st of the same year.
Calendar. Contractor shall provide the school year calendar (Pupil and Teacher Schedule), which shall be attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Appendix A. For subsequent school years, Contractor shall provide the MPS Department of Contracted School Services with each school year calendar indicating days and hours of operation within thirty (30) days of MPS calendar adoption. MPS reserves the right to reject any calendar submitted. The calendar shall meet or exceed all state requirements in terms of days/hours/minutes of yearly direct pupil instruction.
Calendar. 10.7.1 A Calendar Committee, composed of three (3) representatives appointed by the Association and three (3) representatives appointed by the District, shall meet annually to provide a recommendation for a work year calendar two (2) years out. Example: In the 2014/15 school year, the committee makes a recommendation for the 16/17 school year. The recommendation shall be presented to the negotiations teams prior to March 1 each year.
Calendar. The superintendent will prepare the school calendar after providing all certified staff an opportunity for input on the school calendar. The superintendent will submit a calendar recommendation to the Board for approval. A summary of staff input on the school calendar shall be shared with the Board along with the superintendent’s calendar recommendation. A list of the abbreviations or codes that are used on individual paychecks with an explanation as to what they represent and a copy of the school calendar adopted and approved by the Board shall be attached to the negotiated agreement for informational purposes as appendix items. It is specifically agreed by the Board and the Association that the inclusion of the list of abbreviations and/or the school calendar in the negotiated agreement does not make these items negotiable in the future.
Calendar. (Exhibit “C”) The parties agree to negotiate the calendars each two (2) years in advance of the beginning of the school year beginning with 1997-98. If no agreement is reached by June 1, of the first year in the two year cycle, the District has the right to adopt calendars consistent with the official county schools calendar.
Calendar. School year and vacation days shall be those named on the school calendar as adopted by the School Board, and the teacher agrees to teach on those legal holidays on which the School District is authorized to conduct school if the School Board so determines.
Calendar. The academic year shall commence on September 1 and end on the August 31 following. At each University, the teaching workload of unit members shall be assigned on the basis of an academic calendar that shall be divided into instructional periods, two (2) of which shall generally coincide with the fall and spring semesters at such University and a third of which shall be one (1) or more summer sessions. Other instructional periods may be established from time to time by the University.
Calendar. 1. A District committee shall be established to develop a calendar for the following year. This committee shall commence meeting no later than March 1 of each year and shall be composed of representatives of the Association, the administration and the District. If the agreement on the calendar cannot be reached by June 1, the District shall establish a tentative calendar for the following year which may be modified through negotiations.