Advisory Role Sample Clauses

Advisory Role. The Committees shall function in an advisory capacity only and shall not have power to alter, amend, add to, or modify the terms of this Agreement.
Advisory Role. “WFSC” agrees to provide advisory assistance to other recreational or athletic programs within Santa Xxxx County upon request of the County.
Advisory Role. The JAC and its members shall only have an advisory role and shall discuss in good faith and provide to the Parties its opinion on the matters in its purview. The Parties agree to reasonably take into account the opinions and views expressed by the JAC and its members for performing their respective obligations under this Agreement.
Advisory Role. The applicant accepts the services of the Ashland Main Street Program and the City of Ashland to act as an advisor in connection with the repair, remodeling or rehabilitation services on the property. the Ashland Main Street Program and the City of Ashland will not charge for their technical service.
Advisory Role. The Company understands that any and all suggestions, opinions or advice given to the Company by CONSULTANT are advisory only and the ultimate responsibility, liability and decision regarding any action(s) taken or decisions made lies solely with the Company and not with CONSULTANT.
Advisory Role. The Metro Project Manager shall take an active role as part of the Grantee’s core staff team, and at the request of the Grantee Project Manager will review and comment on draft project documents to communicate any concerns prior to the formal submission of the deliverables for each Milestone.
Advisory Role. On and following the Transition Date, you will commence service to Lyft in the Advisory Role. Unless terminated earlier, the Advisory Role will terminate on the first anniversary of the Transition Date (the “Advisory Period”). During the Advisory Period you will provide consulting and advisory services as requested and specifically defined by the Board, which services will be related to ensuring a smooth transition following the appointment of Xxxx’s new Chief Executive Officer (the “New CEO”), aiding the New CEO, as specifically requested by the Board or the New CEO, and assisting in such other operational matters befitting your expertise and professional experience, as requested by the Board. You will have indemnification in the Advisory Role, consistent with the Company’s standard indemnification policies with respect to directors and officers.
Advisory Role. (a) If a Member of the Extended Founder Team no longer acts as a member of the Executive Committee (e.g. due to de-selection or to a termination of the employment agreement), the Company shall offer to such Member of the Extended Founder Team a timely unlimited agreement for an appropriate advisory role within the Company or any Group company. If the respective Member of the Extended Founder Team accepts such role and signs the advisory agreement, he shall continue to be bound by this Agreement. Otherwise, if he refuses the advisory role, such refusal shall be deemed being an Individual Sunset Event in accordance with Art. 7.3.
Advisory Role. Upon the Effective Date, notwithstanding the termination of your services to the Company, you agree to serve as an advisor to the Company for one (1) year from the Effective Date. Your role as an advisor shall entail telephonic consultation from time to time and may occasionally require a face-to-face meeting. However, the Company shall provide ten (10) days prior notice before any such face-to-face meeting. In consideration for these services your restricted shares of the Company’s common stock granted pursuant to the Restricted Stock Agreement dated February 2, 2017 (the “Award Agreement”) shall continue to vest pursuant to the vesting schedule set forth in the Award Agreement and the Company’s Second Amended and Restated 2014 Equity Incentive Plan.
Advisory Role. Effective October 20, 2021, you will transition out of your role as Chief Scientific Officer. Your new title and position will be Senior Scientific Advisor, reporting to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). This will be a full-time position unless the CEO determines in her discretion to assign you a modified schedule after consultation with you.