Rehabilitation services definition

Rehabilitation services means physical, occupational, and speech therapies, and items to assist in improving or restoring a person’s functional level.

Examples of Rehabilitation services in a sentence

  • Rehabilitation services including, but not limited to, bowel and bladder training, range of motion exercises, ambulation training, restorative nursing services, reteaching the activities of daily living, respiratory care and breathing programs, reality orientation, reminiscing therapy, remotivation,and behavior modification.

  • Rehabilitation services" means nonmedical services reasonably necessary to restore a disabled employee to substantial gainful employment as defined by section 65-05.1-01 as near as possible.

  • Examples of ineligible uses include:• Acquisition or construction of an emergency shelter for the homeless;• Staffing costs other than for case management;• Administrative costs;• Rehabilitation services performed by the staff of a grantee or recipient, such as preparation of work specifics, loan processing or inspections; and• Mortgage payments for shelters, unless a waiver is approved by NCC.

  • Rehabilitation services are services provided by a licensed or authorized professional in accordance with an individualized plan of care intended to improve or maintain a client’s quality of life and optimalcapacity for self-care.

More Definitions of Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services means medical services provided to a patient to restore or to optimize functional capability.
Rehabilitation services means nonmedical services reasonably necessary to restore
Rehabilitation services means the same as in A.A.C. R9-10-201.
Rehabilitation services means nonmedical services reasonably necessary to