Rehabilitation services definition

Rehabilitation services means physical, occupational, and speech therapies, and items to assist in improving or restoring a person’s functional level.
Rehabilitation services means medical services provided to a patient to restore or to optimize functional capability.

Examples of Rehabilitation services in a sentence

  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services must be listed in the Limitations, Exceptions and Other Important Information column for the Rehabilitation services and Habilitation services rows.

  • Numerator AAll current service users in Residential & Rehabilitation services at the time of the (quarterly) audit with evidence of physical assessment being offered in the preceding 12 months.

  • Denominator AAll service users in Residential & Rehabilitation services at the time of the (quarterly) audit.

  • Various services provided by these facilities include Chemical Dependency and Rehabilitation services, Adult Psychiatric Services, Forensic Services, Long Term Care Services, Community Based Services, Developmentally Disabled Community Services, and Adolescent Treatment and Reintegration services.

  • Rehabilitation services include those provided in an organized, inpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitation program or outpatient program such as those provided in a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Facility.

More Definitions of Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services means services, including devices, on the other hand, are provided to help a person regain, maintain, or prevent deterioration of a skill or function that has been acquired but then lost or impaired due to illness, injury, or disabling condition.
Rehabilitation services means the same as in A.A.C. R9-10-201.
Rehabilitation services means nonmedical services reasonably necessary to restore