Transition Date definition

Transition Date means, with respect to any Covered Employee, the date Acquiror commences providing benefits to such employee with respect to each New Plan.
Transition Date means, in respect of any State, the date on which the State Goods and Services Tax Act of the concerned State comes into force;
Transition Date has the meaning set forth in section 10.12.3 of the Management Agreement.

Examples of Transition Date in a sentence

  • The Company has chosen this election and will apply IFRS 3 to business combinations prospectively from the Transition Date.

  • The Company has chosen to only apple IFRS 2 to equity instruments granted after November 7, 2002 which have not vested as of the Transition Date.

More Definitions of Transition Date

Transition Date means the earlier of the following two (2) dates: (i) the date on which the indebtedness and obligations secured by the Mortgage have been paid and performed in full and the Mortgage has been released; or (ii) the date on which the lien of the Mortgage is fully and finally foreclosed or a conveyance by deed in lieu of such foreclosure is fully and finally effective and possession of the Property has been given to and accepted by the purchaser or grantee free of occupancy and claims to occupancy by Indemnitor and their representatives, successors and assigns; provided that, if such payment, performance, release, foreclosure or conveyance is challenged, in bankruptcy proceedings or otherwise, the Transition Date shall be deemed not to have occurred until such challenge is validly released, dismissed with prejudice or otherwise barred by law from further assertion.
Transition Date means the date defined in Section 4.2 of this Schedule.
Transition Date means the Business Day after the end of the Offering Period.
Transition Date means the first day of the pay period that begins on or after February 1, 2013 for the applicable member. The retirement system shall determine a method of determining service credit, compensation, and any applicable contributions for purposes of implementing provisions of this act that refer to the transition date.
Transition Date means the date on which this contract comes into effect for all purposes. Schedule 1 (Contact particulars)
Transition Date means the earlier of: (a) the termination of this Agreement; and (b) the appointment or election to the Board of Directors of Persons designated by the Offeror who represent a majority of the directors of the Company;
Transition Date means the date on which this contract comes into effect for all purposes. Schedule 1 (Contract Particulars)