Group Company Sample Clauses

Group Company the Company, its Subsidiaries or Holding Companies from time to time and any Subsidiary of any Holding Company from time to time.
Group Company. 10.1.1 ceases or suspends generally payment of its debts, or announces an intention to do so, or is unable to pay its debts, or is deemed unable to pay its debts within the meaning of section 123 (1) (e) or (2) Insolvency Xxx 0000;
Group Company. Any related body corporate of the Referrer or Royal, as the case requires. REFERRED CLIENT Any client:
Group Company. The authorized and outstanding share capital or registered capital of each Group Company as of the date hereof and immediately prior to the Closing is set forth in Section 4.2(a) of the Disclosure Schedule. Section 4.2(a) of the Disclosure Schedule also sets forth a complete and accurate schedule of all of the holders of Equity Securities of Company and the respective numbers of Equity Securities of Company beneficially owned by each such holder.
Group Company any company which is in relation to Experian or (as the case may be) the Company a subsidiary, holding company or subsidiary of a holding company;
Group Company. Any Related Body Corporate of the Introducer or Apollo Markets, as the case requires; Initial Term: The initial term specified in item 4 of the Schedule; Insolvency Event: An event which occurs when:
Group Company in relation to a company, any member of its Group.
Group Company. In relation to any company, any other company within the same group of companies as that company within the meaning of section 42 of the 1954 Act
Group Company. 5.1 The Group Companies are not and have never been treated as a members of a consolidated tax group for the purposes of Tax.
Group Company. To the knowledge of the Warrantors, no such individual is subject to any covenant restricting him/her from working for any Group Company. No such individual is obligated under, or in violation of any term of, any Contract or any Governmental Order relating to the right of any such individual to be employed by, or to contract with, such Group Company. No Group Company has received any notice alleging that any such violation has occurred. No such individual is currently working or plans to work for any other Person that competes with any Group Company, whether or not such individual is or will be compensated by such Person. No such individual or any group of employees of any Group Company has given any notice of an intent to terminate their employment with any Group Company, nor does any Group Company have a present intention to terminate the employment of any such individual or any group of employees.