Trainee definition

Trainee means an employee engaged under the terms of this award and in accordance with the provisions of an Australian Traineeship established pursuant to Section 37D of the Industrial and Commercial Training Act 1975 and approved by the State Management Committee.
Trainee means a worker who is employed by the Contractor under a contract of employment which provides for a scheme to allow the worker to obtain a National Vocational Qualification [or enter here industry-wide recognised qualification] through paid study away from the workplace, and to obtain the competencies listed in the Annex to this schedule by working under the direction of experienced workers.]

Examples of Trainee in a sentence

Upon graduating from Australia with a Diploma in Business Management, he joined Coastal as Shipbuilding Trainee on 21 May 2003 and has since been actively involved in the shipbuilding’s technical aspects and quality inspection.

Trainee judges may work with the judges in the target area, but their opinion or assessment will not be considered.

The data was drawn from the student profile returns from medical schools as well as the 2010 National Trainee Survey.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ONLINE APPLICATIONApplications for the position of Trainee Firefighter are only open for a short period of time.

Medical specialists who will have clinical exposure and require a training card must register through Postgraduate Medical Education of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science—not Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.The category of Postdoctoral Research Trainee is for:Category 1: An individual who has completed requirements for the Doctoral degree or medical specialty, but whose degree/certification has not yet been awarded.

More Definitions of Trainee

Trainee means an employee who is bound by a Traineeship Agreement made in accordance with this award.
Trainee means an employee engaged in a full time or part time structured employment based training arrangement, approved by the Western Australian Department of Education and Training and which, on successful completion, provides the employee with a nationally recognised qualification.
Trainee means an employee who is bound by a Traineeship Agreement made in accordance with this Appendix.
Trainee means a person employed as such and who is undergoing training under an approved Traineeship Scheme or is subject to internal training of a specified kind in a contract of employment.
Trainee means a person registered and receiving on-the-job training in a construction occupation under a program which has been approved in advance by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, as meeting its standards for on-the-job training programs and which has been so certified by that Administration.