Classroom hour definition

Classroom hour means 50 minutes of instruction out of
Classroom hour means no less than fifty (50) minutes of any one (1) clock hour during which the student participates in a learning activity under the supervision of a member of the faculty of the school.
Classroom hour means 50 minutes out of each 60-minute segment. The prescribed number of classroom hours includes time devoted to tests which are considered to be part of the course.

Examples of Classroom hour in a sentence

  • A will normally be responsible for the VAT in respect of the supply of the service to the final consumer.

  • Classroom hour credit must not be accepted for courses of less than two hours.

  • Classroom hour," for the purpose of determining whether a course of study meetsthe requirements of section 17412(2)(a) or 17435(2)(b) of the code, MCL333.17412(2)(a) or MCL 333.17435(2)(b), means a 54 to 60 minute period of lecture,group discussion, or laboratory directly associated with a course in pharmacology.

  • Classroom hour requirements may be adjusted, since often these types of organizations meet with less frequency.

  • Classroom hour: A classroom hour is a nominal hour (fifty minutes) of formalized instruction, conducted on- or off-campus, in which the teacher presents an educational experience to students, applying any combination of instructional methods, this is based upon minimum 750 minutes per credit hour for a 15 week semester.

More Definitions of Classroom hour

Classroom hour means fifty minutes out of each sixty minute hour.
Classroom hour means fifty (50) to sixty (60) minutes of classroom instruction within a 60-minute period. No credit is given for meal breaks.
Classroom hour and “Contact Hour” means a sixty-minute segment of an approved conference, workshop, seminar or other program of approved instruction, exclusive of any breaks.
Classroom hour means 50 minutes of instruction time and 10 minutes of break time.
Classroom hour means a minimum of fifty minutes of formalized instruction on campus or off campus in which a qualified instructor applying any combination of instructional methods such as lecture, directed discussion, demonstration, or the presentation of audiovisual materials is responsible for providing an educational experience to students;
Classroom hour means 50 minutes out of each 60-minute hour.