Distance education definition

Distance education means education imparted by combination of any two or more means of communication, viz. broadcasting, telecasting, correspondence courses, seminars, contact programmes and any other such methodology;
Distance education means: instruction offered by any means where the student and faculty member are in separate physical locations. It includes, but is not limited to, online, interactive video and correspondence courses or programs.
Distance education means education that uses 1 or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor, and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously. As used in this subdivision, "technologies" may include any of the following:

Examples of Distance education in a sentence

  • Distance education means education that uses one or more technologies to deliver instructions to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor.

  • Distance education means instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of communication technology.

  • Distance education techniques used in this course will be accessible to individuals with disabilities (Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act).

  • Distance education is education that takes place when the learner is separated from the source of instruction by time and/or distance.

  • Distance education courses shall be approved under the same conditions and criteria as all other courses.

More Definitions of Distance education

Distance education means a planned teaching/learning experience that utilizes a wide spectrum of technology-based systems, including computer-based instruction, to reach learners at a distance. Home-study courses that include written materials, exercises and tests mailed to the provider for review are included in this definition.
Distance education means education in which the instruction does not take place in a traditional classroom setting, but occurs through other interactive instructional methods where teacher and student are separated by distance and sometimes by time, including the following:
Distance education courses are those credit bearing courses delivered to and taken by students who are not co- located with the faculty member(s) responsible for the course. This includes on-line courses. “Directed studies,” as covered elsewhere in the Master Agreement, are excluded from this definition.
Distance education means the teaching of a course section when the instructor is not in the presence of the students. This definition notwithstanding, a course section in which the instructor and the students are on a single campus, interacting in real time through Telecommunications Technology, is not a Distance Education section and such a course section shall only be taught if the ASM has been offered Telecommunications Technology training at the University’s expense.
Distance education means the provision of educa- tional programs or courses without an instructor or a representa- tive of an approved school physically present with the students. “Distance education” includes, but is not limited to, the delivery of educational programs and courses on CD−ROM, computer disk, or the Internet.
Distance education means a program of study in which the majority of the credits earned by the student toward the completion of a program of study were earned by completing online courses.
Distance education means any education process based on the geographical separation of student and instructor.