Flight definition

Flight means any flight demonstration, flight test, taxi test, or other flight made in the performance of this contract, of for the purpose of safeguarding the aircraft, or previously approved in writing by the Contracting Officer.
Flight means a departure from a specified airport towards a specified destination airport;
Flight means from the time the Aircraft moves forward in taking off or attempting to take off, whilst in the air, and until the Aircraft completes its landing run. A rotary-wing aircraft shall be deemed to be in Flight when the rotors are in motion as a result of engine power, the momentum generated therefrom, or autorotation.

Examples of Flight in a sentence

  • In accordance with 14 CFR 39.19, send your request to your principal inspector or local Flight Standards District Office, as appropriate.

  • Prior to beginning operations, the Contractor shall complete the NCDOT UAS – Flight Operation Approval Form and submit it to the Engineer for approval.

  • Flight training courses offered through the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC) are not included in any cumulative average calculations.

  • The CALorimeter for the In Flight detection of gamma-rays and light charged pArticles (CALIFA) is an instrument developed for experiments in the international research facility FAIR (Germany), and under R&D [13,14] involving 12 different European institutes.CALIFA is a detector for nucleus-to-nucleus collisions dedicated to particle physics studies.

  • Flight in any kind of aircraft, except while riding as a passenger on a regularly scheduled flight of a commercial airline.

More Definitions of Flight

Flight means any air travel services provided by MATCH Hospitality or any authorised third party on behalf of MATCH Hospitality to its Customers in connection with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.
Flight means an air transport operation between two airports; intermediate stops for technical and operational purposes only shall not be taken into consideration;
Flight means from the moment an aircraft commences its take-off until the moment it completes its next landing;
Flight means any aircraft activity between the time of take-off and the time of landing.
Flight means any kind of locomotion by aircraft while in the air.
Flight has the meaning assigned to it in Section 4.01(a).
Flight means a flight as defined in regulation 1.3 of the Air Navigation Regulations, 1976, as amended;