Ticket definition

Ticket means a list of:
Ticket means either a paper or electronic document issued by or on behalf of the carrier which includes the passenger’s flight coupons. The ticket serves as evidence of payment of air fare and constitutes for the passenger proof of their contract of carriage. It also has detailed information to ensure proper processing and handling. In instances where a ticket exists as an electronic document, the carrier issues to the passenger, as proof of purchase, an itinerary/receipt.
Ticket means each list of candidates for each political party or for each group of

Examples of Ticket in a sentence

  • In the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions the Scottish FA reserves the right to cancel this Ticket and retain the money paid therefor.

  • The Scottish FA, its servants or agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to Ticket users.

  • Resolution approving Acceptance of the Click It or Ticket Mobilization Grant from May 20-June 2, 2013 (Resolution R.278-052013).

  • Ticket prices for the 2018 tournament are as follows ( subject to change based upon the venue) Children Five (5) and Under FreeSenior Citizens (age 65 and older) $5.00Students (grades 1-12) $5.00 Adults (All others not in the above categories) $10.00 FINALS – ALL TICKETS (Per Session) $10.00 Pre-sale tickets will be available for events which require advanced sales for proper management of the event.

  • After we have considered all comments and suggestions as well as what we have learned from our program experience administering the cost reimbursement option under the Ticket to Work program, we will determine whether and how we should revise our regulations.

More Definitions of Ticket

Ticket means the unique reference number provided by BT for an Incident and that may also be known as a “fault reference number”.
Ticket means and refer to a “ticket or pass” as that term is defined in FPPC Regulation 18944.1, as amended from time to time, but which currently defines a “ticket or pass” as admission privilege to a facility, event, show or performance for an entertainment, amusement, recreational, or similar purpose.