Application Software definition

Application Software means Software formulated to perform specific business or technical functions and interface with the business or technical users of the System and is identified as such in Appendix 4 of the Contract Agreement and such other Software as the parties may agree in writing to be Application Software.
Application Software. IFS Application Software” or “IFS AS” means IFS’s standard, unmodified proprietary application software products, modules, applications, “apps” and programs (but, for the avoidance of doubt, excluding any third-party software included therein or associated therewith) which Customer has licensed and/or been granted the right to access and use. It is limited to machine readable code (generally referred to as executable or object code) and the user instructions included in the Software Documentation. It does not include vocabularies and other items generally referred to as source code, nor any descriptions not included in the Software Documentation.
Application Software means the computer programs consisting of the modules and having the functional and technical specifications more particularly described in Schedule A to this Agreement together with Enhancements;

Examples of Application Software in a sentence

  • The Supplier shall provide one set of Design Manual, System Manual, User Manual and Security Manual for the Application Software.

  • The license key may limit the use of the Application Software to the applicable Use Level and prevent a single User from using more than one workstation at the same time and is valid for a certain period of time following which the license key must be renewed.

  • If there is a Third-Party IP Claim or if IFS in IFS’ reasonable opinion such claim is likely to be made, IFS may, at its option and expense, elect to (i) procure for Customer the right to continue using the relevant portion of the Application Software or (ii) replace or modify such portion so that it no longer infringes, but without prejudicing its functionality.

  • As per AUTOSAR [7] and Appendix G (page 66), the software consists of application (Application Software) and its services (Basic Software).

  • With increase in use of IT in Government functioning, it is imperative that Government Departments follow certain standards in Desktop Computer procurement such that the Application Software deployment on these Hardware become uniform and enables sharing of data across departments and make different applications talk to each other which will harness the potential of IT in providingimproved services to citizen and improving internal working efficiency.IT hardware constitutes a major cost of any IT project.

More Definitions of Application Software

Application Software means Software formulated to perform specific business or technical functions and interface with the business or technical users of the System.
Application Software. AS")" or "AS Software," means the Software used for operations and maintenance support as part of the Vendor provided AS Products and Services described in Appendix G.
Application Software means business or technical software, either packaged or custom- developed using Standard Software, formulated to interface with the users of the data processing system;
Application Software means any computer program designed for and used by consumers (e.g., database programs, word processing programs, games, Internet browsers or browser add-ons) that Defendant preinstalls or causes to be preinstalled onto a Covered Product. Application Software does not include device drivers; system software designed to configure, optimize or maintain a computer; operating systems; software bundled, integrated or included with operating systems; or software otherwise provided to Defendant for preinstallation on a Covered Product by an operating system provider.
Application Software means computer programs that are designed to perform specialized data processing tasks for the user and any Software specifically designated by Dell as Application Software.
Application Software. Software that performs specific End User-related computing, data processing, data management, and/or telecommunications tasks.
Application Software means the software, as described in the Proposal, designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the Customer.