Shopping Center definition

Shopping Center means the Shopping Center identified on the initial page hereof.
Shopping Center means any four or more separate commercial establishments sharing a common building, entranceway or parking area.
Shopping Center means a building or buildings containing two or more stores that are used primarily for retail sales but may include commercial trade or professional uses.

Examples of Shopping Center in a sentence

  • Tenant's plans for design and completion of improvements to the Premises shall be prepared by an architect or registered engineer licensed in the State in which the Shopping Center is located or other applicable governmental authority, inclusive of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • This once largely undeveloped agricultural land is in close proximity to Falls Shopping Center, Dadeland Shopping Center, and Metro-rail Station.

  • Councillor Constantini responded to Ms. Borson's questions by indicating she was not comfortable with the issue of the parking ratio being decided upon at this time, Councillor Constantini was not in favour of this and was not opposing the motion for the public to have a say.

  • Subject to the advance written approval of the Health Officer or the Health Officer’s designee, retailers in the Indoor Shopping Center may then operate for curbside pickup consistent with the approved plan.

  • All policies of insurance required of Contractor under this Agreement shall be obtained from reputable insurers licensed to do business in the state where the Shopping Center is located and have an A.M. Best rating of at least A- VIII.

More Definitions of Shopping Center

Shopping Center is used herein, it shall mean the Retail Development excluding the Major Tenant Spaces, except as otherwise specifically stated herein. Exhibit A sets forth the general layout of the Retail Development. Landlord does not warrant or represent that the Retail Development or the Leased Premises will be constructed exactly as shown thereon or that it will be completed by a specific date. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Lease to the contrary, Landlord shall have the right, at any time and from time to time, without notice to or consent of Tenant, and without in any manner diminishing Tenant's obligations under this Lease, to make alterations or additions to, and build additional stories on the building in which the Leased Premises are located and to build adjoining the same, to construct other buildings and improvements of any type in the Retail Development or the common areas, or any part thereof, including the right to locate and/or erect thereon permanent or temporary kiosks and structures, to enlarge the Retail Development, and to make alterations therein or additions thereto, to build additional stories on any building or buildings within the Retail Development, and to build adjoining thereto, to construct decks or elevated parking facilities and free standing buildings within the parking lot areas of the Retail Development, and to change the size, location, elevation and nature of any of the stores in the Retail Development or the common areas, or any part thereof. In the event Landlord elects to enlarge the Retail Development, or any part thereof, any additional area may be included by Landlord in the definition of the Retail Development for purposes of this Lease. Landlord shall also have the general right from time to time to include within and/or to exclude from the defined Shopping Center any existing or future areas and the floor area of the Shopping Center shall be accordingly adjusted. The premises leased to Tenant are herein referred to as the "Leased Premises". The approximate location of the Leased Premises is cross-hatched on the lease plan of the Retail Development attached hereto and made a part hereof as Exhibit A. This Lease of the Leased Premises is subject to all applicable building restrictions, planning and zoning ordinances, governmental rules and regulations, existing underlying leases, and all other encumbrances, covenants, restrictions, easements and agreements affecting the Retail Development and the terms and provision...
Shopping Center. Any shopping center, shopping mall or other property of a third-party property owner located adjacent to the Demised Premises.
Shopping Center means a group of commercial establishments planned, developed, owned and managed as a unit related in location, size and type of shops to the trade area the unit serves. It provides on-site parking in definite relationship to the types and sizes of stores. "Sponsor" means IREIC.
Shopping Center means a group of at least six (6) retail shops organized in a strip or mall configuration (but not necessarily in attached or adjacent buildings) sharing common parking areas and having the same landlord or leasing agent.
Shopping Center means a group of commercial establishments planned, developed, owned, and managed as a unit with off-street parking provided on the site;
Shopping Center means any store, shop, market or group of stores, shops or markets adjoining or adjacent to each other or within a single structure or building to which a parking lot or area, provided for customer parking, is adjacent or contiguous.(Code 1969, § 16-144)Cross reference(s)--Definitions and rules of construction generally, § 1-2. Sec. 20-252. Provisions deemed cumulative. It is declared to be the intention and purpose of this division to be cumulative with any other section or provision of this code applicable to the premises of any drive-in restaurant, drive-in supermarket or shopping center; provided, however, that if any conflict in language between this division and any other section so applicable occurs, the language of this division shall prevail. (Code 1969, § 16-151) Sec. 20-253. Operation of vehicles. No person on the premises of a drive-in restaurant, drive-in supermarket or shopping center shall race the motor of any motor vehicle, needlessly bring to a sudden start or stop any motor vehicle, blow any horn of a motor vehicle needlessly or in excess or cause to be made any other loud or unseemly noise, nuisance or disturbance or operate or drive any motor vehicle, motorcycle or other vehicle in such a reckless or careless manner or at such an excessive speed whereby the peace, security, safety of the premises, the neighborhood or any person or property is disturbed or threatened.(Code 1969, § 16-146) Sec. 20-254. Wilful misuse of premises. No person shall wilfully and without lawful authority: (1) Enter the premises of any business after having been expressly directed by actual communication to not enter by the owner, lessee, manager, operator or agent of the business. (2) Being upon the premises, remain unlawfully after being notified by actual communication to depart by the owner, lessee, manager, operator or agent of such business.(Code 1969, § 16-147)State law reference(s)--Trespass, RSMo 569.140 et seq. Sec. 20-255. Loud, abusive, offensive language. It shall be unlawful for any person, while on the premises of any drive-in restaurant, drive-in supermarket or shopping center, to curse or abuse any person or to use any violently abusive language to any person or to use loud and vociferous, obscene, vulgar or indecent languageSec. 20-256. Acts of misconduct annoying or offensive to others. No person shall purposely cause, recklessly create a risk of or knowingly contribute to the inconvenience, annoyance or alarm of any person on any premises of...
Shopping Center wherever used herein shall be deemed to mean the entire area owned by Landlord as shown on said Exhibit "A," as the same may from time to time be increased by the addition of the other lands, and the entire development on said area, including any and all structures, parking facilities and common facilities built thereon, or as the same may from time to time be reduced by eminent domain takings or dedication to public authorities.