Recycling center definition

Recycling center means an establishment, place of business, facility or building which is maintained, operated, or used for the storing, keeping, buying, or selling of newspaper or used food or beverage containers or plastic containers for the purpose of converting such items into a usable product.
Recycling center means a facility that extracts valuable materials from a waste stream or transforms or remanufactures the material into a usable form that has demonstrated or potential market value.
Recycling center means a facility, established pursuant to 7 Del. C. S6450 et seq., to receive recyclable materials. The Recycling Center includes the recycling containers marked for the specific recyclable materials which are to be deposited therein and the area immediately surrounding them necessary for the purposes of such recycling centers. Recycling Centers shall be known as 'RECYCLE DELAWARE' Centers.

Examples of Recycling center in a sentence

  • Recycling center CUP expires if use is not established within 10 years of the completion of the building renovations.

  • Recycling center, resource recovery facility, sewage disposal plant, pumping or treatment facility, water storage reservoir, sewage transfer site, waste transfer center, subject in parts to Article 86 B.

  • Recycling: Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to continue the allocation to Valley Rental and Recycling center for $650 per month for 2022.

  • He is awarded a free recycling punch card for use at the town Recycling center.

  • The County had a population of approximately 8,000 when the Norman County Recycling center began operations.

More Definitions of Recycling center

Recycling center means a facility designed and operated solely for receiving, storing, processing or transferring source separated recyclable materials (Class A, Class B, Class C and/or Class D recyclable material). Recycling centers shall not include recycling depots, manufacturers, or scrap processing facilities.
Recycling center means a facility that processes and converts waste into reusable material.
Recycling center. The site at which Contractor will process Refrigerators and Freezers, remove CFCs, PCBs and other Hazardous Materials, and recycle or legally dispose of Hazardous materials.
Recycling center means a central collection point in a community for recyclable materials.
Recycling center means those operations defined in Section 14520 of the Act and includes “Nonprofit Convenience Zone Recycler” as defined in Section 14514.7 of the Act and “Rural Region Recycler” as defined in Section 14525.5.1 of the Act.
Recycling center means a facility that accepts source separated materials for processing and marketing.
Recycling center means any facility designed and operated