Residential building definition

Residential building means a building containing one or more residential dwellings.
Residential building means, for the purposes of home inspection, a structure consisting of one to four dwelling units used or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, for residential purposes.
Residential building means a building in which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes, with or without cooking or dining facilities, and includes one or more family dwellings, lodging or boarding houses, hostels, dormitories, apartment houses, flats and private garages of such buildings.

Examples of Residential building in a sentence

Residential building work over $12,000 in value Council must be provided with the following information prior to the commencement of any works; (a) the proposed builder's details (in writing); and(b) proof of payment of the required insurance premium pursuant to Part 6 of the Home Building Act 1989.

Residential building construction or reconstruction (unless such reconstruction is intended to convert the building to a business or industrial operation).

Where steel framing is used in Housing and Communical Residential building uses a thermal break with a minimum R-value of 0.25 m2ºC/W shall be provided at theoutside face of each steel framing member.

Residential building additions in R1 and R2 districts.2. Residential building additions in multi-family districts up to 200 square feet.3. All single-family dwellings in Hillside (-H) Overlay PUDs which specifically allow for staff approval.

Residential building sites and access drives shall maintain a sufficient buffer separation from adjacent and on-site agricultural operations and exterior property lines, to reduce any significant land use compatibility impacts affecting on-site or off-site agricultural operations, including but not limited to trespass by persons or domestic animals, vandalism, and complaints about agricultural practices.

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Residential building means any improved real property, or portion thereof, designed or permitted to be used for dwelling purposes, including buildings and structures located on such improved real property. This includes any real property being offered under any circumstances for sale, trade, transfer, or exchange as "residential,” shall mean whether or not said property is legally permitted and zoned for such use.
Residential building means any public building which is used for sleeping or lodging purposes and includes any apartment house, rooming house, hotel, children’s home, community−based residential facility or dormitory but does not include a hospital or nursing home.
Residential building means any hotel, motel, apartment house, lodginghouse, single and dwelling, or other residential building which is heated or mechanically cooled.
Residential building means an improvement to real property that is designed for use predominantly as a place of residency. The term also includes any other improvement or connected land that is billed with the improvement for purposes of ad valorem property taxation.
Residential building means a building or structure that is or will be occupied by the owner as a residence and that contains not more than four units capable of being used as residences or homes.
Residential building means any house, apartment, trailer or mobile home or other structure occupied by individuals permanently or temporarily as a dwelling place.
Residential building means a detached one-family or 2-family dwelling or any building that is 3 stories or less in height above grade that contains multiple dwelling units, in which the occupants reside on a primarily permanent basis, such as a townhouse, a row house, an apartment house, a convent, a monastery, a rectory, a fraternity or sorority house, a dormitory, and a rooming house; provided, however, that when applied to a building located within the boundaries of a municipality having a population of 1,000,000 or more, the term "residential building" means a building containing one or more dwelling units, not exceeding 4 stories above grade, where occupants are primarily permanent. [20 ILCS 3125/10]