Other vehicle definition

Other vehicle means any vehicle that has not been defined pursuant to this chapter
Other vehicle means any vehicle which is not self-propelled.;
Other vehicle means and includes a motor home, trailer, mobile home, truck, boat, and boat trailer.

Examples of Other vehicle in a sentence

  • Other vehicle expenses and/or compensation received by the External Investment Manager or affiliates.

  • Other vehicle wheel path design software available in the industry may be used for designing the turning movements of roadway intersections.

  • Other vehicle components and structural materials between a critical surface and the meteoroid/debris environment will shield the surface.

  • Prepaid disposal (Gate Rate-Non-Contracted Customers) Vehicle Type Disposal RateAutomobile Minimum of $50.00 per tonVan and pick-up truck Minimum of $70.00 per ton Other vehicle types or vehicles with trailers Minimum of $70.00 per ton,with a minimum charge per load of $85.00.

  • Other vehicle manufacturers utilize different materials for the pump and thermostat housing, such as aluminum.

  • Other vehicle inspection transactions include number of vehicles inspected (re-tests) and sale of safety items at our vehicles inspection centers Commercial Segment – B2B (Corporate and Aviation)VolumesQ3 2022 Commercial fuel volumes increased by 11.1% compared to Q3 2021, driven by a 28.9% year-on-year increase in the Corporate volumes.

  • Other vehicle movements can be made within the boundary of the road kerbs and line marking, provided that the driver has slowed and positioned their vehicle correctly for the turn.

  • Other vehicle transmission equipment of heading 8483 which is not an integral component of engines or motors goes in heading 8708).

  • Other vehicle drivers should be educated and reminded to be aware of motorcycles on the road and to drive safely near motorcycles.

  • Other vehicle camshafts will be checked againstmanufacturers’ technical data.3. Manufacturers’ dowel or woodruff keys must be fitted as standard.4. Engine balancing is permitted.

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Other vehicle. , which means that it is hard to get meaningful data on e-scooter safety outside of trials. We understand that TfL has been tracking the numbers killed or seriously injured and there have been 15 serious injuries reported during the trial, with no fatalities. We would appreciate an update on this matter.

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  • passenger vehicle means a motor vehicle (other than a motor cycle or invalid carriage) constructed solely for the carriage of passengers and their effects and adapted to carry not more than twelve passengers exclusive of the driver, and not drawing a trailer;

  • Transfer Vehicle means any vehicle that operates in space and transfers Payloads or persons or both between two different space objects, between two different locations on the same space object, or between a space object and the surface of a celestial body. A Transfer Vehicle also includes a vehicle that departs from and returns to the same location on a space object.

  • Your Vehicle means an Eligible Vehicle purchased by You being the vehicle specified on the certificate of insurance.

  • Motor vehicle means land vehicles propelled other than by muscular power, such as automobiles, motorcycles, autocycles, and low speed vehicles. For the purposes of this definition, motor vehicle does not include farm equipment, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorized wheelchairs, go-carts, gas buggies, golf carts, ski-slope grooming machines, or vehicles that run only on rails or tracks.

  • Junk vehicle means a vehicle of any age that is damaged or defective in any one or combination of any of the following ways that either makes the vehicle immediately inoperable, or would prohibit the vehicle from being operated in a reasonably safe manner upon the public streets and highways under its own power if self-propelled, or while being towed or pushed, if not self-propelled:

  • Subject Vehicle means the vehicle being tested.

  • Toy vehicle means any motorized or propellant-driven device that has no manufacturer-issued

  • Fleet Vehicle means one of a large group of New Vehicles sold to a Person (e.g., a rental car agency) which purchases in excess of ten (10) Vehicles per purchase contract for commercial use.

  • Light vehicle means a motor vehicle commonly referred to as an automobile, van, sport utility

  • Tank vehicle means a commercial motor vehicle that is designed to transport any liquid or gaseous materials within a tank or tanks having an individual rated capacity of more than one hundred nineteen gallons and an aggregate rated capacity of one thousand gallons or more that is either permanently or temporarily attached to the vehicle or chassis. A commercial motor vehicle transporting an empty storage container tank not designed for transportation with a rated capacity of one thousand gallons or more that is temporarily attached to a flatbed trailer is not considered a tank vehicle.

  • goods vehicle means a motor vehicle constructed or adapted for use for the carriage of goods or burden of any description or a trailer so constructed or adapted;

  • New motor vehicle means a motor vehicle, regardless of the mileage of the vehicle, the legal or

  • Motor vehicle surface means any pervious or impervious surface that is intended to be used by “motor vehicles” and/or aircraft, and is directly exposed to precipitation including, but not limited to, driveways, parking areas, parking garages, roads, racetracks, and runways.

  • School vehicle means any school bus, school van, other school vehicle and private vehicle used to transport students or staff members to and from school or any school-sponsored activity or event.

  • Covered Vehicle means a private passenger vehicle (including mini-vans, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles) which is registered or rented to You during Your Trip, which is rated ¾ ton in weight or less, not used for racing, dealer services, dealer loaners, taxi, limousine, shuttle, delivery, hauling, towing, road repair service, construction service, snow removal, or as a public livery vehicle, or any other commercial use.

  • Used motor vehicle means any vehicle other than a new motor vehicle as defined in this section.

  • Hybrid vehicle (HV) means a vehicle equipped with a powertrain containing at least two different categories of propulsion energy converters and at least two different categories of propulsion energy storage systems.

  • Nonroad Vehicle means a vehicle that is powered by a Nonroad Engine, fifty horsepower and greater, and that is not a Motor Vehicle or a vehicle used solely for competition, which shall include, but not be limited to, excavators, backhoes, cranes, compressors, generators, bulldozers and similar equipment, except that this term shall not apply to horticultural maintenance vehicles used for landscaping purposes that are powered by a Nonroad Engine of sixty-five horsepower or less and that are not used in any construction program or project.

  • the vehicle means any private hire vehicle licensed by the Council

  • Antique motor vehicle means every motor vehicle, as defined in this section, which was actually

  • Underinsured motor vehicle means a land motor vehicle or trailer of any type to which a bodily injury liability bond or policy applies at the time of the accident but its limit for bodily injury liability is less than the limit of liability for this coverage.

  • Regulated motor vehicle surface means any of the following, alone or in combination:

  • Motor vehicle salesperson or "salesperson" means (i) any person who is hired as an employee by a

  • Motor vehicle dealer or "dealer" means any person who:

  • Vehicle means any type of machine on wheels or on self laid tracks made or intended to be propelled by other than manual or animal power and any trailer or other attachment made or intended to be drawn by any such machine.

  • base vehicle means any vehicle which is used at the initial stage of a multi-stage type-approval process;