Other vehicle definition

Other vehicle means any vehicle that has not been defined pursuant to this chapter
Other vehicle means any vehicle which is not self-propelled.;
Other vehicle means any vehicleclassified in one of the classes of passenger automobiles listed in 40 CFR 600.315–08(a)(1), or otherwise so classified by the Administrator of the EPA pursuant to 40 CFR 600.315– 08(a)(3)(ii).(h) Severability. The provisions of thissection are separate and severable from one another. If any provision of this section is stayed or determined to be invalid, it is the agencies’ intention that the remaining provisions shall continue in effect.

Examples of Other vehicle in a sentence

  • Other vehicle detection systems shall be selected from the Department’s list of approved Traffic Signal and ITS Control Equipment.

  • Other vehicle occupants share in this responsibility because seatbelts are proven tools for reducing deaths and minimizing injuries from motor vehicle collisions.

  • Other vehicle components and structural materials between a critical surface and the meteoroid/debris environment will shield the surface.

  • Other vehicle wheel path design software available in the industry may be used for designing the turning movements of roadway intersections.

  • Other vehicle transmission equipment of heading 8483 which is not an integral component of engines or motors goes in heading 8708).

  • Other vehicle movements can be made within the boundary of the road kerbs and line marking, provided that the driver has slowed and positioned their vehicle correctly for the turn.

  • Other vehicle currencies include the Hong Kong dollar, the Japanese yen, the Emirati dirham, the Australian dollar, and the Swiss franc.

  • Other vehicle types may be subject to availability and a surcharge may be applied.

  • Other vehicle design variables that influence fuel economy include tire rolling resistance, projected frontal area, and vehicle mass.

  • Other vehicle occupants can also use voice control by means of the activation word.

More Definitions of Other vehicle

Other vehicle. , which means that it is hard to get meaningful data on e-scooter safety outside of trials. We understand that TfL has been tracking the numbers killed or seriously injured and there have been 15 serious injuries reported during the trial, with no fatalities. We would appreciate an update on this matter.
Other vehicle means and includes a motor home, trailer, mobile home, truck, boat, and boat trailer.

Related to Other vehicle

  • Transfer Vehicle means any vehicle that operates in space and transfers Payloads or persons or both between two different space objects, between two different locations on the same space object, or between a space object and the surface of a celestial body. A Transfer Vehicle also includes a vehicle that departs from and returns to the same location on a space object.

  • Motor vehicle means land vehicles propelled other than by muscular power, such as automobiles, motorcycles, autocycles, and low speed vehicles. For the purposes of this definition, motor vehicle does not include farm equipment, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorized wheelchairs, go-carts, gas buggies, golf carts, ski-slope grooming machines, or vehicles that run only on rails or tracks.

  • Vehicle means any type of machine on wheels or on self laid tracks made or intended to be propelled by other than manual or animal power and any trailer or other attachment made or intended to be drawn by any such machine.