Outbuilding definition

Outbuilding means and refer to structures such as (by way of example and not limitation) storage buildings, sheds, greenhouses, gazebos and other Roofed Structures.
Outbuilding means any structure on the property that is more than three feet from the residential building and that may affect the residential building.
Outbuilding means an enclosed covered structure not directly attached to the residence to which it is appurtenant.

Examples of Outbuilding in a sentence

  • Property The Dwelling / the Dwelling and the Outbuilding (sold and purchased under this Agreement).

  • Out-building: a detached building subordinate to a main building.

  • Outbuilding Clause The insurance coverage under this policy is understood to include walls, gates, fences, small outside buildings, extensions, annexes, exterior, staircase, fuel installations, steel or iron framework and tanks in the said premises and the insurance by each item under contents of each outbuilding.

More Definitions of Outbuilding

Outbuilding. (buitegebou) means a building, whether separate from or attached to the primary dwelling unit, which is ancillary and subservient to the primary dwelling on a land unit, and includes a building which is designed to be normally used for the garaging of motor vehicles, for storage purposes, as a laundry and any other normal activities in so far as these are usually and reasonably associated with the primary dwelling;
Outbuilding means an enclosed, covered structure (other than a dwelling or the attached garage), such as a tool shed or garden house.
Outbuilding means a Building attached to or separate from a Dwelling and ancillary to a Dwelling and may -
Outbuilding means a building attached to or separate from a dwelling and ancillary to a dwelling.
Outbuilding means an enclosed non-habitable structure that is detached from any dwelling.
Outbuilding means a building or structure, that is a maximum of 92.903 square meters (or 1,000 square feet), that is accessory to a primary or main non- residential building or mixed use building, that is located on the same land as such primary or main nonresidential building and that is used for a storage purpose that is accessory to the primary or main use on such land, such as the storage of equipment used to maintain such land or the buildings and structures thereon or the storage of equipment that is ordinarily used for the purposes of the primary or main use on such land, but shall not include a building used for the storage of inventory nor include a building or structure used in banquets or wedding facilities. The maximum area does not apply to golf course buildings or structures.
Outbuilding means a subsidiary and single storeyed structure used or intended to be used for the housing of servants, the garaging of motor vehicles and for storage purposes, ordinarily and reasonably required in conjunction with the main structure;