mixed-use building definition

mixed-use building means a building or structure containing a residential and non- residential use other than a home occupation;
mixed-use building. A building containing both residential dwelling units and commercial use units, E.G., retail stores or office space.
mixed-use building means a building or structure containing a residential and nonresidential use other than a home occupation.

Examples of mixed-use building in a sentence

  • Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Ground Lease and the Capital Lease, the Developer agrees to design, develop and construct the Hotel, the Parking Facility and the Mixed-Use Building on the real estate depicted on the Site Plan, including the City Land and the Developer Land, by constructing the Project substantially in accordance with the Project Construction Plans.

  • Developer, for and on behalf of itself and any successor owner of the Mixed-Use Building, agrees that the Mixed-Use Building shall not be leased or used for the Prohibited Uses.

  • Certified Costs shall mean a certified accounting of the total actual Project Costs incurred minus the actual Excluded Costs, pursuant to AIA Form G703, as of the date that is one hundred twenty (120) days after closeout of the Construction Contract, as “closeout” is defined in the Construction Contract (the “Closeout”), with all reasonable and underlying supporting documentation including a breakdown of such costs between the Mixed-Use Building and the Garage.

  • Easements in favor of City, for the benefit of the general public, for pedestrian access, ingress, and egress on, over, across, and through the Garage, Garage entrances and exits, and Garage commons areas, elevators, stairwells and common facilities; from and to the public streets, Mixed-Use Building, or other access ways adjacent to the Garage, as more specifically set forth in the Declaration.

  • Mixed-Use Building Parking Spaces shall mean the parking spaces dedicated exclusively to the Mixed-Use Building in the Garage subject to the Parking Spaces Easement.

More Definitions of mixed-use building

mixed-use building means a building with both residential and commercial solid waste with common garbage chute(s), and/or the residential and commercial solid waste generated in such building cannot be readily separated.
mixed-use building means a building containing a mixture of units and non-residential uses;
mixed-use building means a building that contains at least one floor devoted to allowed nonresidential uses and at least one devoted to allowed residential uses.
mixed-use building means a building consisting of any combination of Permitted Uses, including Dwelling Units and Commercial.
mixed-use building means a building containing one or more dwelling units and one or more non-residential uses other than:
mixed-use building means any building that combines both permitted residential and
mixed-use building means a building having more than one use where the predominant use is maximum 2/3rd of the total use. The predominate use is to be in conformity with the zoning.