Xxxxxx and Recall Sample Clauses

Xxxxxx and Recall. An employee in receipt of notice of layoff pursuant to 9.08(A)(a)(ii) may:
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Xxxxxx and Recall. The employee and the Employer may enter into a written agreement regarding return rights at the commencement of the leave. The period of leave will not impact the employee’s seniority date.
Xxxxxx and Recall. 40.06 The Union may at any point ask to discuss with the Employer, services that are currently contracted out for specified work. Upon request the Employer agrees to entertain and give serious consideration to submissions and rationale from the Union based on an identified interest for specific work where the Union feels the Bargaining Unit may be better able to perform those services.
Xxxxxx and Recall. A. The University shall determine the basis for, the extent of, and the effective date(s) of layoffs in accordance with the provisions of this Article.
Xxxxxx and Recall. 6.6.1 A layoff shall be defined as a reduction in the work force or a reduction in the regular hours of work as defined in this Agreement.
Xxxxxx and Recall. The BOARD’s ESP Layoff and Recall Policy will be applied to include criteria for determining bargaining unit employees to be laid off. Except when bargaining unit employees are laid off due to school actions, employees shall be laid off by school unit in the following manner: The school principal or unit head shall determine the number of positions and which classification(s) within the unit shall be affected. Employees within those classifications will be laid off in the following order:
Xxxxxx and Recall. 35.1 The Employer will determine the basis for, extent, effective date and the length of layoffs in accordance with the provisions of this Article. A layoff is an employer initiated action that results in separation from service, employment in a class with a lower salary range maximum, reduction in the work year, or reduction or increase in the number of work hours. When it is determined that layoffs, other than a temporary layoff, will occur within a layoff unit, the Employer will provide the Union with:
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Xxxxxx and Recall. Employees shall be recalled to a vacancy in the same class (and same option or another option for which the employee is determined to be qualified by the Employer). No new appointments shall be made in a seniority unit in a class, geographic location, and employment condition for which a Seniority Unit Layoff List exists until all qualified employees on such list have been offered the opportunity to accept the position, except that the Appointing Authority may offer the vacancy to a seniority unit employee who has received notice of permanent layoff from the same or a transferable or higher classification.
Xxxxxx and Recall. Where a Full-Time Grant Employee is terminated other than for cause, they shall only be entitled to termination and severance pay in accordance with the Employment Standards Act (Ontario). All remaining provisions of the Collective Agreement apply to Full-Time Grant Employees.
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