Witnesses Sample Clauses

Witnesses. At any stage of the grievance or arbitration procedure, the parties may have the assistance of the employee(s) concerned as witnesses and any other witnesses. All reasonable arrangements will be made to permit the concerned parties or the Arbitrator(s) to have access to the Employer's premises to view any working conditions which may be relevant to the settlement of the grievance.
Witnesses. The County agrees that employees shall not suffer loss of compensation for time spent as a witness at an arbitration hearing held pursuant to this Agreement. The Union agrees that the number of witnesses requested to attend and their scheduling shall be reasonable.
Witnesses. At any stage of the grievance or arbitration procedure, the parties shall have the assistance of any employee(s) concerned as witnesses and any other witnesses.
Witnesses. (a) An employee who is requested by NAV CANADA to appear as a witness before an arbitrator, arbitration board, or the Canada Industrial Relations Board, or any of its constituent bodies, will be granted leave with pay to attend the hearing and appear as a witness if called.
Witnesses. The Employer agrees to allow witnesses time off with pay at the regular rate to attend the arbitration hearing. The Associate may be allowed time off, from his/her regular duties to attend an arbitration hearing, provided he/she is utilized as a relevant witness with the direct testimony to the issue of the arbitration.
Witnesses. When the University requires an employee to attend a hearing or review process the employee will be entitled to attend without loss of pay. When such a hearing or review process occurs outside the employee’s normal working hours, pay and benefits will be as per the Collective Agreement. When the employee requests a Union representative, the representative will be able to attend the hearing or review process without loss of pay, and where such a hearing or review process occurs outside the Union representative’s normal working hours the representative will be entitled to straight time off in lieu or, where this is not possible, will be paid the hours at straight time.
Witnesses. At all times from and after the Closing Date, each of the Seller and the Purchaser shall use reasonable efforts to make available to the other, upon written request, its and its Affiliates' officers, directors, employees and agents as witnesses to the extent that such Persons may reasonably be required in connection with any legal, administrative or other proceedings in which the requesting party may from time to time be involved, at no cost; provided, however, that a party producing such witnesses shall be entitled to receive from the requesting party, upon presentation therefor, payment for such out-of-pocket costs and disbursements as may be reasonably incurred in producing such witnesses.
Witnesses. Employees required to testify will be made available without loss of pay; however, whenever possible they will be placed on call to minimize time lost from work. Employees who have completed their testimony shall return to work unless they are the grievant(s). Nothing provided herein shall prevent a witness from being recalled to testify. In group grievances, the group of employees shall be represented by the BTU-ESP and one member of the group.