Arbitration Board definition

Arbitration Board has the meaning set forth in Section 9.10.
Arbitration Board shall include a single arbitrator selected by the Employer and the Union.
Arbitration Board means a single arbitrator or a board of three (3) persons.

Examples of Arbitration Board in a sentence

  • The Arbitration Board shall be composed of two arbitrators each selected by one of the parties, and of a presiding arbitrator, appointed by the other two arbitrators; in the event of no presiding arbitrator being appointed under the above conditions within a period of six months, the President of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Strasbourg shall make the appointment.

  • In this Agreement including the printed form thereof, titles shall be descriptive only and shall form no part of the interpretation of the Agreement by the parties or an Arbitration Board.

  • The Arbitration Board shall have the power to settle the terms of the question to be arbitrated.

  • The decision of the Arbitration Board shall be final, binding, and enforceable on the parties.

  • The Arbitration Board shall not be authorized to make any decision inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, nor to alter, modify, add to or amend any part of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Arbitration Board

Arbitration Board means a three-person Board of Arbitration as herein provided or a single arbitrator selected by OPTIONS and the Union.
Arbitration Board means an arbitration board established for settlement of differences as described in this Agreement;
Arbitration Board has the meaning ascribed thereto in Article 19;
Arbitration Board means an Arbitration Board formed under section 10 of this Act;
Arbitration Board means the arbitration board established by Article 19;
Arbitration Board has the meaning set forth in Section 10.2(a) of this Agreement.
Arbitration Board means the same.