Weeks Sample Clauses

Weeks. Full-time Registered Nurses on the active payroll with twenty eight (28) full year’s continuous service as at May 31 in any year shall be entitled to seven (7) weeks’ vacation with pay, with pay calculated at the rate of seven (7) weeks’ normal earnings.
Weeks. 11:05 Each employee who has completed twenty-four (24) years' continuous service in the employ of the Company and has worked a minimum of one thousand (1,000) hours for the Company during the preceding twelve (12) months shall be entitled to a total of six (6) weeks vacation with pay equal to six (6) full weeks straight time pay at the employee's regular rate, or twelve percent (12%) of annual gross earnings, whichever is the greater.
Weeks. Any leave of absence for maternity, paternity or adoption that results from the birth or adoption of a child(ren) that is medically necessary as evidenced by an attending physician’s statement is covered by the sick leave provisions of this Agreement. The attending physician’s statement shall be submitted to the District concerning the medical circumstances that require the leave. Employees may access their earned sick leave during parenting leave up to twelve (12) weeks or the time specified by their physician. Leaves to care for children in excess of twelve (12) weeks that are not medically necessary may qualify as personal leaves of absence.
Weeks. Twenty (20) Years Five (5)
Weeks. Jr., Deborah Weeks Felker, Patricia Louise Weeks and John Phillip Weeks. /2/ Harry T. Weeks, A. R. Weeks, Jr., and Martha Patterson Weeks as Trustees under Trust Agreement dated 10/27/76, as amended, f/b/o Marsha Lee Weeks, A. R.
Weeks. Twenty-Five (25) Years Six (6)
Weeks. Upon the birth of his child, a bus driver shall also be entitled to a paternity leave of no more than five (5) weeks which, subject to clauses 5-4.27 and 5-4.28, must be taken consecutively. This leave must end no later than at the end of the fifty-second (52nd) week following the week of the child’s birth. The paternity leave of the bus driver eligible for benefits under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan or the Employment Insurance Plan shall coincide with the period during which benefits granted under either plan are paid and must begin no later than the week following the beginning of the benefits payment. A female bus driver whose spouse delivers a child shall also be entitled to this leave if she is deemed to be one of the child’s mothers.
Weeks. (A) To be eligible for employees’ full vacation during the first (1st) calendar year in which the employee was employed, an employee must have worked one hundred and fifty-six (156) reports, but need not to have been employed for the full calendar year. If the employ- ee worked less than one hundred and fifty-six (156) reports during this calendar year, but did attain seniority, the employee’s vacation shall be pro-rated by earning one (1) day of vacation for each forty