Supplemental Sample Clauses

Supplemental. Save as expressly amended by this Deed, the Existing Funding 1 Deed of Charge shall remain in full force and effect and the security created thereunder and all of the other rights, powers, obligations and immunities comprised therein and arising pursuant thereto shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding this Deed. The Existing Funding 1 Deed of Charge and this Deed shall henceforth be read and construed as one document and references in the Existing Funding 1 Deed of Charge to "this Deed" shall be read as references to the Existing Funding 1 Deed of Charge as supplemented and amended by this Deed.
Supplemental. 15.2.1 For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in Clause 15.1 shall prevent or restrict either Party from enforcing any obligation (including suing for a debt) owed to it under or pursuant to this Agreement. Nothing in Clause 15.1 shall affect the operation of Clause 14.2.
Supplemental. 1. This Project Contract is supplemental to the terms and conditions of the Master Contract as if the Master Contract was fully set forth herein. Failure to include any provision of the Master Contract in this Project Contract is not an agreement to omit the provision. All defined terms herein shall be used in the Master Contract and all defined terms in the Master Contract shall be used in this Project Contract.
Supplemental. The Employer agrees that an employee whose absence from work is due to illness or injury arising out of and in the course of his/her employment with the City, and who is eligible for Worker's Compensation, and seeks medical treatment, shall in addition to Worker’s Compensation benefits, receive the difference between the Worker’s Compensation benefits and his/her net City salary and all fringe benefits (except clothing and equipment allowance) as of the date of injury (excluding overtime) commencing on the first day on which he/she is unable to work due to work-related illness or injury. Supplemental payments will be paid thereafter until the 365th day following such injury.
Supplemental. 29.1 The rights and remedies which the Security Documents give to the Lender are: