Voluntary Transfer Procedure Sample Clauses

Voluntary Transfer Procedure. (1) The Human Resources Office shall publish and post at each school and on the Board’s website a vacancy list each year. The list shall be published and distributed for a two- week posting no later than February 15.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure. 1. A voluntary transfer is a transfer initiated by a request of a unit member resulting in the movement of that employee from one work site to another within the same classification.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure. Requests for change or transfer in grade or subject assignment or building or classroom shall be filed with the Superintendent in writing on the form provided by the Board. Requests for change or transfer may be filed at any time during the fiscal year covered by this agreement. The Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee shall post all known vacancies at the building level, as well as on the District website with notification to district employees through the use of District email. All postings will define subject area, grade, class and building of said vacancy. As to vacancies which arise during vacations the Superintendent shall notify the Association, which shall assume responsibility for notifying its members. Request for change or transfer filed during the previous fiscal year shall not be considered for vacancies occurring during this fiscal year unless refiled in the current fiscal year. The Board shall defer action as to each posted vacancy until after the period of three (3) school days has elapsed after the posting. The action of the Board as to each posted vacancy shall likewise be posted in each building.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure a) Opening Exists • The development of desirable qualifications shall be consistent with the process used for the hiring of tenure-track full-time faculty openings. The development of desirable qualifications must be completed before the position announcement is finalized and a Transfer Selection Team is determined. • The District shall provide the Association President with announcements of open faculty positions. • Human Resources shall email open position announcements to all full-time faculty. • Regular full-time faculty members desiring to transfer into an open full-time position shall file a Voluntary Transfer Request form within five (5) working days of posting. • It shall be the responsibility of the faculty member to provide the District with all non-Chaffey College District records necessary to substantiate the claim of meeting the criteria as specified in Section 15.2. • Within five (5) working days of the date the first-level manager of the school in which the opening exists receives the transfer request, the manager will notify the full-time discipline faculty of the request and the need to identify faculty to serve in the transfer selection process. Within ten (10) working days of that notification, full-time faculty discipline peers shall select, by a majority vote, one (1) to three
Voluntary Transfer Procedure. (a) A Member who desires to Transfer all or any portion of a Membership Interest (the "Transferring Person") to a third party, except as permitted under Section 7.2, shall obtain from such third party a bona fide written offer to purchase such Membership Interest (the "Offered Interest"), stating the terms and conditions upon which the purchase is to be made and the consideration offered therefore (the "Offer"). The Transferring Person shall give written notification to the Managers and each of the Members, by certified mail or personal delivery, of his, her or its intention to Transfer the Offered Interest, furnishing to the Managers and each Member a copy of the Offer.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure. 1. A voluntary transfer occurs when an employee requests a move from one building or program to another, but within the same job title. An employee may gain or lose hours through a voluntary transfer.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure a. Bargaining unit members who have an overall evaluation rating of "Satisfactory" or better on the most recent formal evaluation, shall have the right to apply for a voluntary transfer.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure. 1. Requests for transfer to a job title at the same or lower pay level within the group must be made on a form provided by the District as specific vacancies become available. Staff interested in vacancies which occur while they are on vacation or during non-student periods may leave a transfer request form with Human Resources prior to leaving for the break.
Voluntary Transfer Procedure. A. The Superintendent shall annually, not later than the fifteenth (15th) day of February, distribute to all bargaining unit members, survey forms on which requests for voluntary transfer may be made. Completed survey forms shall be forwarded to the Superintendent through the building principal no later than the first (1st) day of March.