Bona fide Sample Clauses

Bona fide. The Parties acknowledge that bona fide compliance with this Agreement requires, in addition to the fulfilment of the specific undertakings and obligations expressly provided for herein, that all the Parties act in good faith and diligently in executing other actions and decisions, and refraining from carrying out other actions or decisions, as may be necessary or convenient for a fair, complete, prompt and adequate implementation of all the effects that reasonably follow from (a) the common will and purposes of the Parties in consideration of which they enter into this Agreement, and (b) the terms used by the Parties to describe their rights and obligations hereunder. The Parties expressly undertake to proceed as appropriate for the bona fide compliance with this Agreement.
Bona fide. Each and every Receivable shall (i) be bona fide, be for a certain undisputed claim or demand for the amount Borrower represented to be owing thereon, (ii) represent a sale and delivery of personal property sold or work and labor done, (iii) not be subject to any set-off, counterclaim, or contingent liability upon the fulfillment of any contract or condition whatsoever, and (iv) shall not be subject to any prohibition or limitation upon assignment except as required by the Assignment of Claims Act.
Bona fide. Each and every Account will be bona fide, be for a --------- certain undisputed claim or demand for the amount Obligor represented to be owing thereon, represent a sale and delivery of personal property sold or leased or for services rendered, and not be subject to any setoff, counterclaim, or contingent liability upon the fulfillment of any contract or condition whatsoever.
Bona fide. As it is a bona fide requirement because of the nature of the job, each employee on reaching the age of sixty years, shall retire from the Fire Department.
Bona fide. If the Services include the giving of evidence in a court or tribunal or the provision of a report as an expert, BMT EA will exercise its professional judgement and will act bona fide and without bias in providing those Services.

Related to Bona fide

  • Arm’s Length The Company acknowledges and agrees that (i) the purchase and sale of the Securities pursuant to this Agreement is an arm’s-length commercial transaction between the Company, on the one hand, and the several Underwriters, on the other, (ii) in connection therewith and with the process leading to such transaction each Underwriter is acting solely as a principal and not the agent or fiduciary of the Company, (iii) no Underwriter has assumed an advisory or fiduciary responsibility in favor of the Company with respect to the offering contemplated hereby or the process leading thereto (irrespective of whether such Underwriter has advised or is currently advising the Company on other matters) or any other obligation to the Company except the obligations expressly set forth in this Agreement and (iv) the Company has consulted its own legal and financial advisors to the extent it deemed appropriate. The Company agrees that it will not claim that the Underwriters, or any of them, has rendered advisory services of any nature or respect, or owes a fiduciary or similar duty to the Company, in connection with such transaction or the process leading thereto.

  • Arm’s Length Transaction The Bank acknowledges and agrees that the Underwriters are acting solely in the capacity of an arm’s length contractual counterparty to the Bank with respect to the offering of Notes contemplated hereby (including in connection with determining the terms of the offering) and not as a financial advisor or a fiduciary to, or an agent of, the Bank or any other person. Additionally, neither the Representative nor any other Underwriter is advising the Bank or any other person as to any legal, tax, investment, accounting or regulatory matters in any jurisdiction. The Bank shall consult with its own advisors concerning such matters and shall be responsible for making their own independent investigation and appraisal of the transactions contemplated hereby, and the Underwriters shall have no responsibility or liability to the Bank with respect thereto. Any review by the Underwriters of the Bank, the transactions contemplated hereby or other matters relating to such transactions will be performed solely for the benefit of the Underwriters and shall not be on behalf of the Bank.

  • Alternative Transaction If the Purchaser concludes after the date of this Agreement that it is necessary or desirable to proceed with a form of transaction other than the Arrangement whereby the Purchaser and/or its affiliates would effectively acquire all the Shares or all or substantially all of the business, properties and assets of the Company on economic and other terms and conditions (including, without limitation, tax treatment) having consequences to the Shareholder that are, in its, his or her reasonable objective opinion, equivalent to or better than those contemplated by this Agreement and the Arrangement Agreement (any such transaction is referred to as an “Alternative Transaction”), then the Shareholder agrees to support the completion of the Alternative Transaction, including, if necessary, by tendering or voting the Owned Shares to a take-over bid or in favour of a special resolution approving the Alternative Transaction.

  • Speculative Transactions Engage, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to engage, in any transaction involving commodity options or futures contracts or any similar speculative transactions.

  • Proposal Proposal means any information supplied by or on behalf of the insured, deemed to be a completed proposal form or other relevant information that the insurer may require.

  • Fair Consideration The consideration received by the Company upon the sale of the Mortgage Loans under this Agreement constitutes fair consideration and reasonably equivalent value of the Mortgage Loans.

  • Bona Fide Request/New Business Request Process for Further Unbundling 6.1 BellSouth shall, upon request of <<customer_name>>, provide to <<customer_name>> access to its network elements at any technically feasible point for the provision of <<customer_name>>'s telecommunications service where such access is necessary and failure to provide access would impair the ability of <<customer_name>> to provide services that it seeks to offer. Any request by <<customer_name>> for access to a network element, interconnection option, or for the provisioning of any service or product that is not already available shall be treated as a Bona Fide Request/New Business Request (BFR/NBR), and shall be submitted to BellSouth pursuant to the BFR/NBR process.

  • Third Party The term “

  • No General Solicitation or Advertising in Regard to this Transaction Neither the Company nor any of its affiliates nor any person acting on its or their behalf (a) has conducted or will conduct any general solicitation (as that term is used in Rule 502(c) of Regulation D) or general advertising with respect to any of the Shares, or (b) made any offers or sales of any security or solicited any offers to buy any security under any circumstances that would require registration of the Common Stock under the Securities Act.

  • Acquisition Proposal “Acquisition Proposal” shall mean any proposal or offer from any Person (other than Parent and its Affiliates) or “group”, within the meaning of Section 13(d) of the Exchange Act, including any amendment or modification to any existing proposal or offer, relating to, in a single transaction or series of related transactions, any (A) acquisition or license of assets of the Company equal to 20% or more of the Company’s consolidated assets, (B) acquisition or exclusive license of the Key Products, (C) issuance or acquisition of 20% or more of the outstanding Company Common Stock, (D) recapitalization, tender offer or exchange offer that if consummated would result in any Person or group beneficially owning 20% or more of the outstanding Company Common Stock or (E) merger, consolidation, amalgamation, share exchange, business combination, recapitalization, liquidation, dissolution or similar transaction involving the Company that if consummated would result in any Person or group beneficially owning 20% or more of the outstanding Company Common Stock, in each case other than the Transactions and other than the Material Contract marked “*” on Section A of the Company Disclosure Schedule.