Membership Interest Sample Clauses

Membership Interest. The Member shall own one hundred percent (100%) of the membership interests in the LLC, and all profits and losses shall be allocated to the Member.
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Membership Interest. The membership interest of CAC in Funding shall arise on the Closing Date. Such membership interest may not be sold or otherwise transferred by CAC.
Membership Interest. A Member’s membership interest is the percentage ownership calculated by having the agreed value of contributions to the Company that have been made by the Member divided by the total of all contributions made to the Company by all Members, as shown in the records of the Company.
Membership Interest. The Member is admitted as a member of the Company upon the execution and delivery of this Agreement, and is the only member of the Company. The Member has a one hundred percent (100%) interest in the Company and in the profits and losses thereof.
Membership Interest. The membership interests in the Company shall consist of 100 membership units (the “Units”). As of the Effective Date, the outstanding right, title and interest in and to the equity of the Company shall be automatically converted into the Units, and the sole outstanding equity interest in the Company shall be the Units. Schedule A to this Agreement, as may be amended from time to time, shall set forth the name of the Member and the number of Units held by such Member.
Membership Interest. Membership Interest" shall mean a Member's rights in the Company, collectively, including such Member's economic interest, any right to vote and participate in management, and any right to information concerning the business and affairs of the Company provided under this Agreement or the Act.
Membership Interest. The equity ownership interest in the Company is designated as the “Membership Interest.” The Membership Interest is personal property and the owner of the Membership Interest has no claim to specific property of the Company. The Membership Interest is subject to the limitations on Transfer set forth in Sections 2.10(a), 6.2 and 6.3. Except as contemplated by Article V hereof, it is the intent of the Member and the Company that there be only one member of the Company at any time and that the Membership Interest be the only interest in the Company outstanding at any time. In the event of a Transfer of the Membership Interest permitted by Section 6.2 or Section 6.3 below, references in this Agreement to the Member will thereafter be deemed to refer to the succeeding owner of the Membership Interest.
Membership Interest. The Member shall have one hundred percent (100%) ownership of the Company.
Membership Interest. The rights of a Member or, in the case of an Assignee, the rights of the assigning Member in Distributions (liquidating or otherwise) and allocations of the profits, losses, gains, deductions, and credits of the Company.
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