Overtime Calculation Sample Clauses

Overtime Calculation. For the purpose of overtime calculation only, approved or scheduled time off work will be considered the same as time worked.
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Overtime Calculation. Overtime shall be calculated in 30 minute increments.
Overtime Calculation. This Article is intended only to provide a basis for the calculation of overtime and none of its provisions shall be construed as a guarantee of any minimum or maximum hours of work or weeks of work to any employee or to any group of employees.
Overtime Calculation. The weekly hours of duty for overtime calculation will be 36 ¾ hours. Overtime will be calculated on the number of hours and minutes of overtime performed.
Overtime Calculation. For the purposes of calculating overtime, hours worked will include all hours actually spent in work status. The Employer will not change an employee’s schedule by more than four (4) hours to avoid the payment of overtime.
Overtime Calculation. In calculating an employee's eligibility for overtime, the following shall be used to determine time worked towards forty (40) hours:
Overtime Calculation. Paid time off shall be counted as hours worked for contractual overtime calculation purposes.
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Overtime Calculation. ‌ Overtime shall be calculated based upon actual time worked.
Overtime Calculation. Overtime will be paid at the rate of one and one half (1 1/2) times the hourly salary for all hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a single workweek. For overtime hours worked from thirty-six (36) through forty (40) hours, compensation will be at the hourly rate of pay. Overtime will be adjusted upward to the nearest quarter hour at the end of each pay period. Overtime shall be computed to include Holidays and Bereavement Days.
Overtime Calculation. All time which an employee spends in a pay status shall be considered in establishing the employee's normal regularly scheduled forty-hour (40-hour) work week. Any overtime worked by a regular part-time employee shall not be included or considered in calculating prorated benefits under this Agreement. Rather, such pro rata calculations shall be based on the number of hours regularly scheduled to be worked by the employee as compared with a full- time schedule. When overtime is necessary and authorized by the General Manager or designated supervisor, it shall be paid as follows:
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