Paid Holidays – Long Weekends Sample Clauses

Paid Holidays – Long Weekends. (a) When an employee is scheduled to work a weekend where a paid holiday falls on the Monday or the Friday, the Employer shall endeavour to also schedule the employee to work the paid holiday.
Paid Holidays – Long Weekends. (a) Unless an employee requests otherwise, when she or he is scheduled to work a weekend where a paid holiday falls on the Monday or the Friday, the Employer shall endeavour to also schedule her or him to work the paid holiday.

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  • Weekend Holidays 9.3.1. A full-time employee who works a Monday through Friday schedule and the calendar holiday falls on a Saturday, the employee shall be allowed the preceding day off. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the employee shall be allowed the following day off. If the employee works the day preceding or following such a holiday, he/she shall be given another workday off with pay or shall receive payment for that day at the regular rate.

  • PAID HOLIDAYS 12.01 (a) A full-time employee who otherwise qualifies hereunder shall receive the following paid holidays: New Year’s Day Family Day (3rd Monday in February) Good Friday Easter Monday Victoria Day Canada Day Civic Holiday (first Monday in August) Labour Day Remembrance Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Boxing Day

  • Worked Holidays Employees who are required to work on the above described holidays shall receive the pay due them for the holiday, plus twice their base rate for all hours worked on such holidays.

  • Weekends The Employer will make a good faith effort to schedule all staff nurses to every other weekend off, or to two weekends off out of four successive weekends. Except in emergency situations, all such nurses shall be scheduled as stated above. The employer may schedule a nurse to less than every other weekend. The weekend shall be defined for first (day) and second (evening) shift personnel as Saturday and Sunday. For third (night) shift personnel, the weekend shall be defined as Friday night and Saturday night. However, in the event any employee agrees to work on an unscheduled weekend, all time worked on the unscheduled weekend shall be paid at the rate of double time the regular rate of pay. Time worked on the next regularly scheduled weekend shall be at the employee’s regular rate of pay. This section shall not apply to staff nurses who request more frequent weekend duty or who request weekend work on a continuous basis or who trade single or double days on a weekend.

  • Vacation; Holidays The Executive shall be entitled to all public holidays observed by the Company and vacation days in accordance with the applicable vacation policies for senior executives of the Company, which shall be taken at a reasonable time or times.