Training Differential Sample Clauses

Training Differential. An employee who is assigned to train either: (a) a new RCO employee, or (b) other Minnesota State Patrol personnel (including, but not limited to, student workers and light-duty State Troopers) on work assignment in radio communications who, upon completion of training, will be charged with public safety call-taking and/or dispatching duties [“trainee”], shall be paid a differential of one dollar ($1.00) per hour for each hour spent with the trainee as part of, and in accordance with, the Minnesota State Patrol Communications Training Plan. This differential shall be included in all payroll calculations except during periods of paid leave.
Training Differential. Section 65.1 Training differential is a differential for employees who meet all of the following criteria:
Training Differential. Employees assigned in writing by the department head and approved by the Director of Human Resources as qualified trainers or instructors for specific specialized skills (identified by departments in consultation with Human Resources) shall be compensated for hours actually worked training at five percent (5%) differential. This Training Differential will be reported to CalPERS as Training Premium Special Assignment Pay. However, any hours worked on overtime are excluded from CalPERS reported “compensation earnable” in California Government Code Section 20635.
Training Differential. A Journeyman who takes a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) approved training course to gain skills they were deficient in, may, if mutually consented to by the employee, the Employer and the Union, work at a rate between 75% and 100% of the Journey level wage rate for up to four (4) weeks total within a 6 month period while performing the type of work learned. All other work performed will be at the regular Journeyman rate. The Union will be notified in writing before implementing this section. The course training will also apply for STAR awards.
Training Differential. Bargaining Unit Employees who are approved by the Employer and assigned to formally train/mentor employees shall be paid a differential for pre-approved time spent training, mentoring, as well as observing and signing off on required skills as follows: • HCAs: $0.75/hour for time spent training other HCAs as part of a formal training program. • RNs: o Ultrasound precepting: $25.00 per day o On call precepting: $110 per shift/day • APNs: o Mentoring of new APNs and signing off on skills: $0.75/hour for time spent mentoring o Colposcopy Precepting: $10.00 per patient Payment will be made to the employee conducting the training/mentoring on the first pay period following the employee’s submission of training/mentoring hours in the Employer’s time tracking system. The Employer shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure the number of patients seen will facilitate an effective learning experience and will minimize disruption to patient care. Bargaining Unit Employees will have an opportunity to add input into the development of a train-the-trainers program through the Agency-wide Health Center Collaborative or other mutually agreeable process.
Training Differential. An employee assigned to provide formal training, whether in a classroom or in the field to other City employees, shall be paid a five percent (5%) differential of the employee’s base pay rate. Training must be in increments of at least one (1) hour. Employees who are assigned to train as part of the job description are not eligible for this differential.
Training Differential. The Employer shall continue its practice of providing fifty‐five cents ($.55) per hour for all hours that a nurse trains a new employee utilizing the designated training program of the facility. The training rate will be paid for three (3) days of time spent giving employees orientation to the facility or the company.
Training Differential. Communication Dispatchers II and Jailers shall receive a 5% differential above their base pay when assigned to formal training duties in accordance with the Police Department's training program for new Dispatchers and Jailers. Additionally, Communications Dispatchers II will receive two (2) hours of overtime per week during the time period they are assigned to formal training duties to facilitate the completion of the daily and bi-weekly observation reports.
Training Differential. Employees specifically assigned by the Employer to train employees or others designated by the Employer, will receive an additional $1.55/hour for all such training, provided the assignment is for a period of at least two (2) hours. The Training Differential will be earned for training defined as scheduled, structured, curriculum-based training (e.g., RPT; CPR; ‘shift bid;’ or ‘transfer’ training provided to staff newly assigned to or working a cottage, mod, or unit). The employer retains the right to assign staff, develop curriculum, and limit time assigned to training for purposes of this differential. Employees functioning in mobility assignments (e.g., MI trainers) are not eligible for this differential. Staff assigned as FTOs will receive FTO pay as provided for in this agreement and will not at the same time be eligible for the training differential.
Training Differential. An employee who, in addition to his/her normal duties, is required to train one or more new persons in the procedures and duties of their office shall receive, in addition to his/her regular salary, a training differential of five dollars ($5.00) per day.