Differential Sample Clauses

Differential. Differential is a salary allowance in addition to the basic rate or schedule based upon additional skills, responsibilities, hours of employment, or distasteful or hazardous work.
Differential. Whenever an employee is assigned added responsibilities and duties of a position with a higher salary grade in addition to his/her normal duties, the employee shall be paid for the time actually worked in the higher salary grade in accordance with the rules governing promotions. An employee assigned to work will be informed at the time of assignment whether s/he will be performing the duties of the higher classification.
Differential. Each member who is assigned to Search and Rescue Team and Airboat operator shall receive a $500.00 per year differential or prorated share thereof to be paid in January of each year. The team leaders of the Advanced Search and Rescue team and the Airboat team shall receive an additional $100.00 per year in addition to that required above. Amounts above are to be included in the base wages and paid bi-weekly.
Differential. Where the Chief Health Science Professional/Section Head is at the same grade level as a subordinate, the Chief/Section Head will be classified at one grade higher.
Differential. An Employee who works a split shift shall be paid a differential of twenty cents ($.20) for each hour or fraction of thirty (30) minutes or more, of work and ten cents ($.10) for each period of less than thirty (30) minutes of work.
Differential. The amount of the night differential shall be one dollar ($1.00) for each hour or fraction of thirty (30) minutes or more of work and fifty cents ($0.50) for less than thirty (30) minutes of work as provided in Section 32.01 and Section 32.02.
Differential. 4.3.1 Superior Officers assigned to one of the following specialties shall receive pay for their appropriate salary plus a specialty differential of $40.00 per week: Lieutenant – Community Policing Lieutenant – CID Lieutenant – Internal Affairs Lieutenant – Operational Lieutenant - JetPort Sergeant - CID Sergeant - CRU Sergeant – JetPort Sergeant - Internal Affairs Sergeant – Training Sergeant – Community Policing Sergeant - Traffic
Differential. Providing a differential pay of five percent (5%) for Instructional Assistants (IA’s) working in the Life Skills, Transition classrooms, and those working full-time (all- day) in a one-to-one setting.
Differential. Differential is a salary allowance, in addition to the basic rate based upon a regular shift in which over one-half (1/2) the regular shift is after 5:00 p.m.