Catering Sample Clauses

Catering. The IU Auditorium staff may suggest caterers for your event; however, the Licensee will be responsible for paying all catering costs in a timely manner. All caterers in the IU Auditorium must be pre-approved by Auditorium Management and possess all valid Indiana licenses for food service and the service of alcoholic beverages (if applicable). The caterer must carry commercial general and auto liability insurance, including a products-completed operations endorsement, with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate. Licensee must be in compliance with all other university regulations regarding food service including, but not limited to, completing the University Office of Environmental Health & Safety’s Temporary Food Service application. In addition, “The Trustees of Indiana University, its officers, agents and employees” must be named as an additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance for both Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability coverage. The Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to Indiana University for review and approval at least fourteen (14) working days prior to the scheduled date of the event. If Licensee’s vendor/caterer fails to comply with any of the requirements described in this section, the vendor/caterer will not be permitted to serve food or alcohol at the Event and Licensor shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by Licensee or Licensee’s subcontractors as a result of such cancellation. Stage Labor The Auditorium Production Stage Manager and the Licensee in conjunction with the Auditorium Management shall determine the number of employees necessary for the call. Manpower must be maintained until such time as work in all departments is fully completed. All requests for manpower must be submitted in writing forty-eight (48) hours prior to load-in. Indiana University Auditorium is under contract with IATSE Local #618. Licensee agrees to abide by the rules of this agreement governing stage labor. IU Auditorium Facility Usage Policies It is further agreed and understood that all of the Facility Usage Policies including all addenda published by the date of this Agreement are hereby incorporated as part of this contract and the Licensee has received a copy of the Indiana University Auditorium Facility and General Information. Please initial here: Sound System If sound equipment is carried by the performing company, artist, or conference, the Indiana University Auditorium Production St...
Catering. Cafeteria style of serving meals will be acceptable, providing dishes are carried back by the Culinary Staff. The food shall be of good quality and have the approval of the Camp Committee of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario. There shall be sufficient housekeeping staff supplied by the Culinary Workers to keep the bunkhouses clean, and beds shall be made up each day by such staff. Kitchen facilities, equipment and food supplies shall be subject to inspection by the duly authorized Camp Committee at any and all times and further all grievances shall be dealt with by said Committee.
Catering. Food is one of the most important aspects of any event. The Hotel’s team of experienced chefs will see to it that every meal is delectable. Menus are flexible to accommodate The Client’s personal requirements. The Client must confirm the menu selection, the final number of guests, and make payment in full 30 days before the event. Please note that menu prices are subject to change. Also, take note that The Hotel does not permit The Client to bring any additional food onto the premises without written permission from The Hotel’s General Manager, 30 days before the event. The Hotel’s Event Coordinator to initial: The Client to initial: For children under the age of twelve years a delicious children’s menu is available and charged accordingly. The children’s menu only applies if provision for children is made in a separate venue and not the reception venue. Should guest numbers increase on the day of The Client’s event, additional payment is required immediately. Should numbers decrease, billing is according to numbers given during final appointment. Should The Client’s suppliers be seated in the reception venue, The Client will be billed at the full per person rate. Alternatively, provision can be made in a separate venue, and a supplier menu is available. OUTSIDE CATERING All catering will be done in-house. Should there be any special catering requirements such as Kosher or Halaal food, The Hotel will outsource meals at an extra charge. No discount will be given on packages; billing will be done on the number of guests booked. In order to accommodate Kosher or Halaal dietary requirements, The Hotel has approved caterers to assist with menus. Please note that only The Hotel approved caterers may be used for this purpose. The Hotel does not permit The Client to bring any additional food onto the premises without written permission from The Hotel’s General Manager, 30 days before the event. Menu options include a specific food allocation as per the applicable menu. There will be additional charges for any additional food items ordered. A plated menu option is available on request and charged individually according to menu selection. The Client is liable to pay for any additions.
Catering. The renter will be responsible for finding a caterer that meets Empeiria 110 LLC’s requirements. Empeiria 110, LLC reserves the right of final approval of all outside caterers and any other vendors selected for the event. Empeiria 110, LLC will provide the renter with a list of caterers providing several food options. All caterers must be licensed, provide proof of insurance, and sign a contract with Empeiria 110, LLC at least 90 days prior to the event. All caterers must meet with the event manager to familiarize themselves with the facility’s rules. If the renter chooses to have family members or friends make and serve the food, there must be a delegated person who signs a contract with Empeiria 110, LLC within 90 days prior to the event and meet with the event manager to learn the rules of the facility. Empeiria 110, LLC is not responsible for any health codes on food prep, plating, serving, and clean up. Empeiria 110, LLC’s catering room is a production space and is to be used only for final food preparation, plating, and bussing. Empeiria 110, LLC does not provide dishes, glassware, pots, pans, knives, utensils, etc. The catering room space will be provided in a clean condition and the space should be retuned to a clean condition immediately following the event. The caterer is expected to sanitize all food preparations surfaces before they come in to contact with food products. Proper hygiene is required at all times. All food must remain covered at all times prior to plating, bussing, or buffet serving. A walk through of our catering area with a member of our staff is mandatory at least 14 days prior to the event and at the close of the event. All trash including sorted recyclables and properly sorted compostables must be collected and properly bagged. Failure to properly clean the catering area may result in additional costs to the Renter. All trash must be disposed of in the designated areas at the conclusion of the event.
Catering. There is no kitchen on site, but a private outdoor area is available for caterers. • Time for catering set-up and break down is included in your rental time. • Caterers are responsible for the removal of all trash from the property. • Renters are free to choose their own caterer; we do not restrict you to a specific list. • Alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed bartender provided through a bar service or caterer. Cash bars are not permitted.
Catering. The renter(s) is responsible for making his/her own arrangements with the catering provider. Miles Chapel C.M.E. Church, 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx must be provided with a list of caterers and/or other vendors that will have access to the facility. This information must be provided at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
Catering. All food and drink for serving on stands or to be consumed within the Venue must be obtained from the official Venue Caterer.
Catering. 1. All food and beverage services must be provided by licensed caterers and approved by Berkshire Theatre Group.
Catering. All food, beverages, and catering shall be subject to approval by the University. Preparation and service of food and drinks, other than prepackaged food and beverages, must be provided by a University-approved caterer. A list of approved University vendors can be found at: xxxxx:// content/uploads/sites/64/2022/12/Approved-Caterers.pdf. User shall be responsible for making all necessary arrangements with the approved caterer and for paying all costs of food, beverages, and catering, including without limitation, costs associated with preparation and clean-up. User shall not have any right to operate concessions for food, beverages, or to offer for sale any officially licensed University merchandise; all such rights are reserved to University. In addition to the other indemnification obligations set forth in this Agreement, User shall indemnify the University from and against any and all claims, losses, or demands made by a caterer against the University arising from or relating to the Event. Any approved caterer shall comply with the vendor insurance requirements of the University.
Catering. All catering within the Bone Student Center and Xxxxxx Auditorium must be provided through the Venue. Any group that brings in outside food or beverage will be asked to remove the item(s) immediately. University and State of Illinois Health Code policy and liquor licensing regulations prohibit the removal of catered food or beverage from any event. • Catering requests must be received a minimum of five business days in advance of an event’s date. Any requests made after this date will not be accepted. • The guaranteed guest count is due five business days prior to an event. The guaranteed guest count cannot be lowered after this date. The Client will be charged for the guaranteed guest count or actual guest count, whichever is greater. • If the guest count increases less than five business days before an event, the event planner will have to confirm that the Venue can accommodate the increase, and additional fees may apply. This charge is assessed to compensate for overtime scheduling and increased product costs associated with last minute purchases.