Traffic Sample Clauses

Traffic. The provisions in this Section apply regardless how the ISP-bound traffic is determined.
Traffic. Traffic that is originated by a Customer of one Party on that Party’s network and terminates to a Customer of the other Party on that other Party’s network within Verizon's then current local calling area (including non-optional local calling scope arrangements) as defined in Verizon’s effective Customer Tariffs. A non-optional local calling scope arrangement is an arrangement that provides Customers a local calling scope (Extended Area Service, “EAS”), beyond their basic exchange serving area. Local Traffic does not include optional local calling scope traffic (i.e., traffic that under an optional rate package chosen by the Customer terminates outside of the Customer’s basic exchange serving area). IntraLATA calls originated on a 1+ presubscription basis, or on a casual dialed (10XXX/101XXXX) basis are not considered Local Traffic. Local Traffic does not include any Internet Traffic.
Traffic. COM, INC. ("Borrower") and Bank are parties to that certain Loan and Security Agreement dated as of December 7, 2003, as amended, including without limitation by that certain Waiver and Amendment to Loan and Security Agreement dated as of April 29, 2004, those certain bilateral letter agreements dated December 6, 2004, February 6, 2005 and March 10, 2005, that certain Third Amendment to Loan and Security Agreement dated as of April 20, 2005 and that certain Fourth Amendment to Loan and Security Agreement dated as of July 11, 2005 (collectively, the "Loan Agreement"). Borrower and Bank propose to enter into a Fifth Amendment to Loan and Security Agreement dated as of the date hereof (the "Amendment"), which amends the Maximum Losses/Minimum Profits covenant set forth in the Loan Agreement and provides that Bank may continue, in its sole discretion, to make Credit Extensions to Borrower although Bank is not currently obligated to make Credit Extensions under the terms of Section 8.8 of the Loan Agreement. Creditor and Bank executed a Subordination and Intercreditor Agreement dated as of December 7, 2003 (the "Intercreditor Agreement"). Bank has agreed to enter into the Amendment provided, among other things, that Creditor consents to the entry by Borrower into the Amendment and agrees that the Intercreditor Agreement will remain effective.
Traffic. Both vehicular and non-vehicular traffic, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchairs, and equestrian traffic.
Traffic. 10.1.2 Impacts on air quality - noise, dust & fumes